Thursday, September 23, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Caught the Rona | Why Diet & Lifestyle 💪🏽 Matter

My symptoms were not at all what the media says…no upper respiratory tract symptoms whatsover.

Wanted to make this video to let you know how I think I got it, and the un-classical symptoms.

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How to Beat a Cold, Naturally:
**This was filmed 4 days after my worse symptoms

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28 thoughts on “Caught the Rona | Why Diet & Lifestyle 💪🏽 Matter
  1. I decide in May that I want to prepare myself against this virus so I began healthy keto and intermittent fasting. As far as I know I haven’t caught it but I did reduce my weight from 173 to 139 and I overall I feel pretty good.

  2. Why on earth would you think you had a cold, and not consider that it was covid, and still carry on with life as usual and go hunting with others etc… All your early symptoms were covid symptoms and you should have gotten tested right away. I've been enjoying your show and glad that you didn't get too sick but this is simply irresponsible and a big part of the whole problem.

  3. wow I'm shocked google hasn't silenced you with that tee shirt on. You are spot on, I'm 63 had it last November. Yea I was a little tired, mild headache, and worst part was the cough lasted for 3 weeks until I had the Dr. put me on steroids, then it cleared in a few days. My opinion (and I respect those who had terrible cases or those who died – don't minimize the danger of this) , but this is just another flew for 99.9 percent of the population. More people will have long lasting affects from the lockdown, job loss, depression, missed diagnoses and on and on.

  4. Modern medicine is allopathic medicine framework, which nutrition, diet, lifestyle are not part of. Big food and big pharma also have contracts with political parties, tv networks, social media, etc to ensure that their products are not impacted with any negative publicity. We can shout as loud as we want, but it's the sad reality. Treatments are and always will be using patented drugs and procedures

  5. This pandemic was a blessing in the sense that it could have been something much worse with a much higher death rate, but it was what we have, and it has served to show all the holes in our Healthcare system and our perception of health.

    Still has had devastating consequences, but I'm thankful that it's not worse tab what it is.

  6. 😞 had to unsubscribe after this. So I guess people with cancer and those in retirement homes should just die quietly. Why don't you start a campaign going around schools and educate the young? It's easy to lay blame but compassion and love require action.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with your point about those that don’t take care of themselves. It’s something I was saying 12 months ago. It’s a different concept for someone to get their head around though; as you say someone with a lifestyle disease being told that they might die in 20 years vs 20 days for COVID. As a society we’ve enabled people’s lifestyle illnesses by treating the symptoms!

  8. Public health messaging in UK is woeful – simple reinforcement of benefits of better diet , exercise and sleep on CV19 disease cycle are non existent – contributing to worst death to population ratio ..
    Simple advice – drop lots of processed foods , eat some greens , get yourself off the couch and walk with a friend at a distance , take vit d3/k2 , put your cigarettes in the bin – its not rocket science !
    If you want to significantly improve your chances – do something to help yourself.

  9. This has to be said. And to preface.. in general I agree with everything you’ve said about the failures of health officials and the importance of health, both physically and socially. I also don’t agree with many many many of the health orders in place. However, your experience is a prime example of why stay at home and other health orders have been implemented. You got it and potentially spread it (hunting trip?) to other people who have also potentially spread it to others and so the pattern goes. Someone who is going to be impacted much worse than you and your health conscious friends group somewhere down the line, or at least the potential for it to happen is there. Health is integral to our soul, and again I agree with many of your opinions here, but it’s not the complete answer. How are health officials supposed to changed the dietary and exercise habits of those in the lower income brackets of our society? They can’t even get people to follow health guidelines, let alone ask them to only eat for 6-8 hours a day, exercise regularly, and take some basic supplements. Keep up the good work, your message is generally a good one, I just had to comment on that one glaring thing. Again, I enjoy and agree with the vast majority of your message.

  10. Hey, man… really love your content. I was just wondering how long after your recovery, from covid19, did you get back to training? Assuming you ever stopped. Are you aware of any side effects of training while having (asymptomatic)the Rona

  11. I totally agree that exercise and nutrition will ALWAYS mitigate any illness.I share that with all my friends and family but having a specialist share it gives it more clout I just shared your video with many people thank you

  12. I’m not sure if I missed it but did you mention how age is a major determinant of how sick you will get? Also, the disease seems to manifest in two distinct stages. If your body can heal itself through the first viral replication stage, you will probably have minor issues. If the disease goes to the next stage where your immune system causes a cytokine storm and lung tissue inflammation, your chances of survival are decreased significantly. FLCCC has some excellent research and experienced based protocols.

  13. My symptoms were a bad headache and mild fever, and I am 66. No lung or breathing issues which I believe was due to major health changes I made months ago as a result of watching many of your videos.

  14. What are your thoughts on GERM THEORY vs TERRAIN THEORY? VIRUSES vs EXOSOMES? Do we exist completely separate from our environment and get sick when 'infected' by something that came from outside of us; or do we exist completely immersed and as part of our environment and get sick when that environment is essentially poisoned?

    A characteristic of severe "COVID" is hypoxia, or low blood-oxygen levels. How would a virus cause low blood-oxygen levels? Why is it considered folly to mention the developing grid of a new electromagnetic frequency never experienced before in human history as a potential cause of the illness we're calling "COVID"? When there are over a thousand research papers documenting the effects that EM frequencies have on the oxygen molecule and how EM radiation affects the cells' mitochondria at metabolizing oxygen into energy?

    How could you ever know that you "caught" an illness from someone else and weren't simply exposed to some other environmental toxin or poison or radiation, and the illness you experience in the days after is your body's detoxification and defense process? Wouldn't this better explain symptoms like the loss of smell/taste, especially as a lasting effect if you continue to be exposed to this new radiation, whether from cell towers or device antennas or this new satellite internet network?

    Every body is different. Lifestyle and nutrition changes help the body detoxify and recover faster when exposed to a poisoned environment while those with a 'comorbidity' will have more serious complications when they're unable to effectively metabolize oxygen, but there is simply no proof that "COVID" comes from a 'viral infection' that is spread from person-to-person. Dirty air, dirty water, and dirty food contribute to the poorer health of everyone, making it harder to recover from new types of radiation on the mass population without us even knowing (real "5G" frequency monitors that can detect upwards of 60 GHz are ridiculously expensive– how would you even know if you weren't sitting in a haze of oxygen-inhibiting electro-smog?)

  15. That very well could be, but have you ever considered that genes may also be at play. Some people eat well, excercise, etc and still did not have the same outcome as your family.

  16. I hate to admit it, but I am hearing this same thing from my friends who caught it is they were at a gathering prior. I need to socialize too but I'm just having one friend over at a time and we are either outside or have the windows open.

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