Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects | How the Brain is Involved in Fevers

The second dose of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine seems to bring more symptoms. One of the most common being fever and chills. What is the neuroscience behind this response?

Yamato M, Kataoka Y. Fatigue sensation following peripheral viral infection is triggered by neuroinflammation: who will answer these questions?. Neural Regen Res [serial online] 2015 [cited 2021 Jan 15];10:203-4. Available from:

Evans, Sharon S et al. “Fever and the thermal regulation of immunity: the immune system feels the heat.” Nature reviews. Immunology vol. 15,6 (2015): 335-49. doi:10.1038/nri3843,inside%20the%20body%20(internal).


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6 thoughts on “COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects | How the Brain is Involved in Fevers
  1. This is very simple minded thinking, but could any of the side effects one experiences from the vaccine, be the same they would experience if they got the virus itself?? In other words, their risk of similar reactions would still occur whether they got the virus, or got the vaccine.

  2. Enjoy your poison 💉☣️, er I mean synthetic pathogen 💉☣️, er I mean poison 💉☣️. Suppose if you are brain dead 😷 we all have to die, may as well be for committing suicide 💉☣️😷 so Bill Gates does not starve

  3. Another great clip about the FACTS of vaccines; and there side effects. Very important info that many people will find useful and enlightening 🙌🏻

    it is always good to see you telling it like it is. keep it up 👍🏻

  4. Is there any neuroscience on the harm that cat dander causes? Thanks. Has far as the first vaccine shots, 23 have died in Norway, 10 in Germany. Two American woman couldn't even walk or stand up straight. Had to go to hospital until they can find out what happened. Russia has banned Pfizer vaccine, Australia has paused roll out of AstraZeneca vaccine.

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