Monday, September 20, 2021
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How I Lost Over 250 Pounds (My Top 11 Fat Loss Tips!)

Coming from someone who’s struggled in the past with losing body fat, I want to share in this video effective ways to burn fat, explain why stubborn fat hangs around, plus share my personal strategy, broken down into 11 easy fat loss tips for how I’ve lost a total of 250 pounds!

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– 5-Day Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan:
– What I Eat in a Day:
– Intermittent Fasting Guide for Women:
– Does ACV Help with Weight Loss:
– 10 Foods That Cause Inflammation:


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21 thoughts on “How I Lost Over 250 Pounds (My Top 11 Fat Loss Tips!)
  1. Thank you! I got covid and forgot the basics of keeping my weight off. Acv, i.f. and exercise helped me lose 100lbs in 6 months. I gained 30 back when my taste and smell returned. Stopped doing what made me feel good. I cant stay keto due to missing whole fruits

  2. I’ve been watching your videos for about 6 months now. I like your real life approach! I’m 57, am active and have been trying to lose this last 40 lbs for 2 years now and not seeing much success. Can you help?

  3. Why do you look sick? Your eyes look sunken and dark circles, and your skin looks off.. it's a bit scary.. imo. I can't take health advice from somebody who looks sick.

  4. You're wrong about too much fat, you should rephrase it to "too much fat PLUS (simple) carbs" or trans fat… because people who eat FAT as their primary food source, LOST TONS of weight and dropped their HIGH BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS/INSULIN which in turn DECREASED their risk of STROKE/HEART ATTACK, etc

  5. This title is super dishonest and made me dislike you from the beginning of the video when I discovered you are trying to mislead viewers. You are going to be unable to foster any trust with viewers if you start out with lies.

  6. My last comment was before I watched the video. Your delivery is really good. However nutritional and medical research predominantly shows that excessive calories are the cause of fat storage not necessarily increased fat in the diet as you state in your video.
    Also strength training is beneficial because you increase your muscle mass and thus increase your bodies physical need for energy which means that you will actually use fat stores more than before provided that your calories in are at the same amount as before you gained the muscle.

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