Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Never Do These Three Things Before Cold Training

What are the do’s and don’ts of cold training? What are things I should never do before taking a cold shower, ice bath, cold weather walk? Here are three things you should try to avoid before cold training to keep your experience healthy and safe!

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Jesse Coomer is a certified Personal Trainer, English Professor, Breathworker, Wim Hof Method Instructor meditator, and life adventurer. This channel is dedicated to health and wellness, breathwork, and cold exposure. The content in this video is Jesse’s opinion based on his own research and experience. It is not endorsed by NASM, Innerfire, or any other governing body.
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23 thoughts on “Never Do These Three Things Before Cold Training
  1. Step one I'm getting right at least, going outside shirtless for 20-30 minutes before breakfast. Sometimes get a little sunshine with the cold. Unplugged the furnace system today.

  2. I did See 5 secs of the vid. One Thing u never should Do before anything; font watch Videos what Not to Do… I font watch the rest… I go for an ICE BATH or whutever and font think about it…. Get the f outta here

  3. Why do I experience hot searing agony in my feet when I stand on the snow for like 30 seconds? Even after I limp and they throb and I pace about for like 10 mins before they feel good again. I do cold showers every day and can do 10 min ice bath but wtf is happening when it's just my feet??

  4. I've had my best/most profound ice bath yet on acid and I regularly do ice baths while high (on cannabis). I wouldn't recommend either to anyone who doesn't have their fair share of experience with all the factors involved, but if you know your body well and it feels right in the moment, it can be amazing!
    I'd definitely steer clear of cold exposure with alcohol though and I can't comment on other drugs but basically everything that dampens your senses instead of heightening them is probably a bad idea.
    If you experiment with stuff like that, be very mindful of your body and if it doesn't feel completely right, don't do it!

  5. When seated and wearing just shorts and a t shirt, I feel most comfortable when my home is heated to 23C (73F) I can tolerate 18C (64F) but at 15C (59F) my hands and feet get cold. Do you think long term exposure to these mild temperatures and cold showers will mean that my hands and feet will no longer be cold at this temperature?

  6. I was just wondering about this exact issue as I had dinner and was debating whether to go in the cold water. I decided to go in after eating and very shortly after realized it was a mistake. It happened one time before after eating but I wasn’t sure as it was just that one time. I was about to google it when your video came up. Also I was wondering if cold water exposure was better twice a day or is going in once enough for the benefits. Thanks Jesse!

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