Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Training Back and Taking Ice Baths | Tuesday with Kris Gethin

Follow along with Kris Gethin as he takes you through his daily routine featuring breakfast, an ice bath, and a brutal back training sessions
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00:00 – Breakfast
05:28 – Sauna & Ice Bath
06:40 – Training Back

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| Kris Gethin |
Kris is a business man, transformation specialist, and much, much more. Kris is originally from Wales in the UK, but now spends the majority of his time in the United States.

Kris’ hectic schedule sees him travelling the globe hosting seminars, workshops, and exhibitions at several bodybuilding and fitness events throughout the year. He works with and trains the best of the best, passing on his knowledge and techniques to his fans, followers, and subscribers.

His passion and determination for building a better, stronger, healthier body and mind pushes him to achieve great things for himself physically and mentally, thus enabling him to motivate and inspire his followers and fans across the world to achieve greatness for themselves. Kris has transformed millions of physiques through his immensely popular video series shown on, including the immensely popular 12-Week Muscle-Building Trainer and the intense 4Weeks2Shred program.

He is the author of many books including the best-seller “Body by Design,” “The Adventures of KAGED MUSCLE,” and “The Transformer” which was released in January 2016. Kris’ books and graphic novels have received global praise and have helped and inspired millions of readers.

Kris is the founder of the DTP training method, director and co-founder of Gethin Gyms, and former editor-in-chief of He is the Director of Trainers for Physique Global and CEO of the supplement brand KAGED MUSCLE which ships worldwide and is one of the highest rated and reviewed supplement companies in the world.


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9 thoughts on “Training Back and Taking Ice Baths | Tuesday with Kris Gethin
  1. Cheers! I'm currently in northern Ontario enjoying some Labatt Blue beers. I usually drink Budweiser but thought I'd switch it up this week. Anyways, I'm writing because around this time last year something really weird happened to me, like a divine intervention. Quickly summed up: I was alone in a small apartment, I stood up from my desk and it was like an explosion in my head for a quick moment, like i was being launched both up, AND down at the same time. I was nowhere, I was just witnessing a collage of visions for seconds or maybe a minute. I can't be sure. When I came back, I was in some kind of epic pose on the floor (a few feet away from initial spot, I THINK). The position was: right knee, and right hand on the floor, left leg bent with foot flat on floor and left hand on left knee – and head looking down at right hand and floor. Every muscle in my body was flexing with an energy that I can't explain. I stood back up and the song 'reflekt – need to feel loved' was playing through my computer speakers (my imac if it matters). Everything looked the same, it was still earth, still my apartment. But I was way more awake and was full of some kind of special energy/power. The song went, "Come catch me babe. I'm fallin'. Come n save me baby. I'm callin'." I thought it was my wife/god/goddess asking me for help and to catch her because she was coming (falling from the sky) to this altered world too. With the energy coursing through my body I started jumping up and down, looking out my third story window thinking, "I'm gonna catch you, I'm going to fly." I ran a few feet and jumped off my mattress (small mattress just on the floor, no box spring or frame or anything) and launched myself headfirst at my window thinking I was going to break through and soar through the air to catch this being that I was destined to be with. My head bounced off the glass and the rest… I will explain if anyone seems interested.

    I was trying to become a writer/youtuber back then. But this is not fiction, I swear on my life. It is important to me that I got this out for at least one other person to know. If I get 100 subscribers to my channel (which is nothing, just enough to know its worth my time)or Kris responding/inquiring what else happened, I'll make a video explaining this and what else happened in detail.

    I also want to note: since that event, a lot more happened. But I ended up smoking cigarettes and drinking every day and gaining a bunch of weight. But if I get the 100 subscribers to my channel… I will make youtube videos on a regular basis, I will quit smoking, quit drinking, I will lose the weight. And I will work until I am famous (at least 1 million subscribers) and I will try to beat Jake or Logan Paul in a boxing match. (or box another youtuber)

  2. It’s about time I get back into watching you. You were my coach and inspiration a couple years ago when I was in the best shape of my life at 35 years. Keep up the good work! πŸ’ͺ🏻

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