Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Get Rid of a Cold Quickly & Naturally

Cold and flu season is upon us, here’s a few tips to help beat a cold.

Links to Zinc & Iodine:

Breath Right Strips:

NeilMed Sinus Rinse

Best Mouth Tape (Nexcare):

Red Headlamp (wear this at night around your house):

Seeking Health Vitamin A:

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47 thoughts on “Get Rid of a Cold Quickly & Naturally
  1. From the video:
    1. Prioritize sleep
    2. Nasal Wash (NeilMED Sinugator with an unmentioned amount of Redmond Real Salt) — use it before bed. It sounds like Mike does this nearly every night, cold or not. Breathe through your nose as much as possible, but especially out in public.
    3. Use a red light Petzel (sp?) night lamp to get up at night so you don't have to turn on the bright lights.
    4. Crank up you zinc levels to up to 75 mg/day, but only for a shorter time. Don't do long term.
    5. Liquid iodine. To help with sore throat, take three full droppers with some salt and quality water, gargle with it, then spit it out. You can supplement with iodine later (I assume he means ingest here).
    6. Seeking Health — a liquid vitamin A. Mike takes a full dropper's worth of this vitamin A, which he says is about 100k IU. Summing up, he says to take 50k to 100k IU for 3 days.
    7. Take vitamin D with vitamin K. Take 10k to 50k IU's of vitamin D for 3 to 4 days.
    — 8-10 apply to post antibiotic use prescribed by doctor.
    8. Probiotics — He takes his own brand of probiotics. Referred to some scientific validation that reader can review.
    9. Keflix (sp?) antibiotic. Avoid taking antibiotics if at all reasonable to do so. Make sure they apply (doctors will prescribe antibiotics "just in case," but it is best to have evidence of what the antibiotic is fighting against so you know you aren't taking it for no reason). If you have to take an antibiotic, Mike claims there is scientific evidence to take your probiotic 4 hours after the antibiotic to help minimize the microbiome destruction done by the antibiotic. Mike claims that you don't want a loss of diversity when you take an antibiotic. This is true, but I don't think the implication that it is possible to avoid it entirely is realistic. The range of gut bacteria is very wide, and most probiotics only have a fraction of the strains that an antibiotic could wipe out. This is why you shouldn't be convinced to take antibiotics based on a doctor's guess. Mike is clear to avoid antibiotics when reasonable to do so.
    10. A very safe probiotic to take is a yeast based probiotic (saccharomyces boulardii). According to Mike, this probiotic is not altered or damaged when you take an antibiotic. Mike says this one of the most studied probiotics in the world and has been popular in Europe for some time.
    Bonus Suggestions: Get some sauna time in and spend time walking outside if you can.

    My comments are contained in a reply to this post.

  2. Dude I’m not even started the video yet and I guarantee you that you didn’t cover the good old fashion “fever bath” and how to do it properly.

    1-cup Bleach
    3-cups Epson salt
    A bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
    Small ice bucket of ice water with a washcloth for your forehead because if you do a fever bath right?.

    I guarantee you you’ll need some help getting out of the bathtub At the end of it all.

    I’m sorta really disappointed….

  3. Love your videos! I however cannot use a saline wash or neti pot. Every single time I use one I get a severe ear infection. But I know otherwise it is good for many. I would also take elderberry and Nac and zinc. 🙂

  4. The first thing you need to do is take monolaurin pellets, take it often till all your symptoms are gone, and take black cumin with manuka honey 50 : 50. In a few hours you will get rid of your cold.

  5. I take a higher dose of zinc with Quercetin, and drink green tea the minute I feel the first signs of a cold. Within a day, those signs pass and the cold does not develop.

  6. Nothing beats putting vicks on the bottom of your feet before you go to bed, also between toes, on top, put socks on. You will be very surprised how much better you feel.
    2nd, Epsom salt bath with large bottle of hydrogen peroxide. These 2 things have kept me from getting sick for over 12 years. Try to do the same night you feel kind of off.

  7. Sure Flu has miraculously been cured this season haven’t you heard? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence and that they haven’t been misattributing these deaths to Covid, quite sure.

  8. Mike – I take cold showers daily. Coincidentally came down with a cold a few days ago and stopped for now as I figured my body didn't need the extra stressor when sick. Do you recommend stopping cold therapy when sick?

  9. My ent told us he used a gravity neti pot when he felt a cold coming on and i have used this method and have not had a cold in years. The aqueeze bottle can use too high of pressure for your nasal passages

  10. thanks for the info, Mike. a quick question about the iodine. I've heard that povidone iodine, in particular, applied to skin tags will clear them up. Will the iodine you recommend in this video do that as well. Is there a difference?

  11. *Speaking Up – SAVES LIVES* Mike thanks for the very helpful advice – I thought, for a moment, you were going to break out into your Fauci impression …(mask maintenance 🤡) keep well & thanks 🙏🏻 for sharing really helpful tips ..

  12. Good video and advice. I'm typically very wary of the vit. A supplements. Usually, they're some lab made synthetic beta-carotene and not actual retinol which is found in animal products only. I prefer cod liver oil to get my vit. A, much better source.

  13. Nice video. I’m just getting over a cold / sickness that’s lasted way too long. I’m going to implement a few of these things and hopefully I’ll be back to 100%. I wish I had access to a sauna!

  14. All other halides apart from iodine are highly toxic to the human body and kick out iodine from thyroid etc.
    Stay away from all other halides and mercury to stay healthy or detox them with the complete iodine protocol.

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