Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

How I used Wim Hof Method to BEAT Circulation Disorder ( Raynaud's ) | and my Advice for YOU

Raynaud’s Syndrome in a Circulatory Disease that stops circulation to the extremities creating painful and potentially dangerous situations for people.

I had it pretty bad; losing circulation in extremities in mild weather and struggling mightily with actual cold.

My own intuitive breathwork and cold training helped, but Wim Hof Method helped me effectively reverse it into a circulatory Super Power!!!!

About Rob Lenfestey:
Rob is the Founder, owner and CEO of Mandala Chocolate, one of the first US Certified Wim Hof Method Instructors, Slackline, Acro and Wilderness Yoga Instructor, Conservation Ecologist, Multi-instrumentalist and Music Producer, Wilderness and Primitive Movement Instructor, Author of forthcoming book “The Convergence” and Owner of Mandala Springs, a Human Empowerment and Ecological Retreat Center in Pisgah National Forest.

*The content in this video and channel are the opinions, observations and research of Rob and do not reflect the official views of Innerfire, Yogaslackers and any other organization*

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35 thoughts on “How I used Wim Hof Method to BEAT Circulation Disorder ( Raynaud's ) | and my Advice for YOU
  1. Hi been following your meditations recently then seperatley researched WHM and raynaud's and this video popped up. I've been practicing for years however consistently more the past year. What I have to say though is that I've actually felt it getting worse (raynaud's) with practicing the method although seeing other benefits!!

  2. Okay, so I have Raynaud's syndrome to I have it in my fingers and all of my toes I have read places where they so don't take the risk of getting frostbite or cold showers hurt your heart I just want to know if I can beat Raynaud's with the Wim Hoth method.

  3. Hey. I've been doing Wim Hof method- ish for about 8 months. I say ish because I haven't always been doing the breathing, but pretty constant doing cold showers. I've also been just kinda walking around in the cold alot. I've always had kinda reddish toes and itchiness from doing the cold showers, and in the last couple of weeks they've gotten really bad also from being outside. And my fingers have also got really like red and sore, and they get sore in the cold quite quickly. I have never really had these kind of issues before, so it's kinda like something has now triggered it. The redness has been there in the toes basically since i started wim hof, but more intense and painful over last couple of weeks, and my hands aswell. And the swelling and stuff doesn't seem to go. I'm finding it so annoying because I've really loved being out in the cold, but its getting to the point now where my feet and hands are hurting alot. I was wondering, do you think this sounds like Raynauds or just chillblains? And I want to do the ice bucket, but for now do you think it is worth waiting for them to get back to normal, or do you think I should just try? Thank you

  4. Hi Rob, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm "suffering" from Raynaud's Syndrome since my childhood (experiencing exactly the same things as you) and doing the WHM for over a year now.

    I love doing the breath work as well as taking cold showers. Currently reading Wim's book… Amazing and makes me even more determined to keep going with the method.

    So far nothing has been improved concerning my cold hands… I'm doing breathing sessions each morning and take cold showers afterwards.
    Also tried ice baths for my hands (as Wim also suggests in one of his workshop videos).

    Some people (among them doctors and scientists) say it even can do harm or there lies a potential danger going into the cold when you have Raynaud's Syndrome. There's even a blog on Wim's website about this subject.

    You say (and you've proven) the opposite… What do you recommend? Keep going on? I am doubting so much now, don't know what to do. .. And don't want to do damage to myself, my body or my health. On the other hand, what doesn't kill you…

    Yet I'm a strong believer in the method and its potential power. It definitely changed my life!
    Any advice, thoughts? Thanks a million!

  5. Dude, it's you! Back in time you were the only person I found in internet saying it's possible to beat Reynaud with WHM. Thx to you I didn't stop. My training isn't intense and after two more years I did not improve on Reynaud symptoms but it also didn't get worse as doctors predicted. I strongly believe I can make it better just by pushing a bit further. Enough stagnation, I got lazy! I can only do it in Winter time, the only time when I can have cold water. Once again thx for putting the information in internet for everyone, not keeping it for yourself! Cheers!

    edit: quick feedback. Your music is great and I like it just for me it does not fit these videos where I'd like to feel calmness and peace but it makes me nervous cause it's loud noises distracting me from what you're saying. Peace!

  6. When I do the method I feel my arms go numb and stiff, also I feel cramping ands spasms on my lips and eyes, I get worried that I might be hurting myself, has anyone had something similar happen?

  7. Thank you very much for the video, well done and expressed. I have been doing the WHM for about 16 months and have recently developed a severe case Raynauds in both hands and feet. I am a 66 year old male in excellent condition. I was enjoying my cold plunges everyday this summer and fall. Then one day my feet turned almost completely yellow and it took massaging them under running warm water to get them pink. Scared the hell out of me. Went to doc and everything checked out so he gave me amLodipine to treat it. Now my hands are doing it to. I have researched how Co2 is what dilates the blood vessels. Am I doing the breathing correctly! Too much inhaling strength and time and too short exhaling? I would really appreciate your input. Dan In Spokane WA

  8. Thank you so much for this for video! I've been a Raynaud's sufferer for years and it can be a total hindrance when doing my outdoorsy activities. I started the WHM breathing only 10 days ago so I'm super curious as to where it will take me. I'll definitely try the cold water hand dipping.

  9. Not joking. I have cold hands and feets even in my peak basketball teenage days. I would be sweating so hard yet when people touch my limbs they said it was cold. Now same with my ding ding. Can I immerge my ding ding into ice bucket of water to create more blood flow to it? Cuz I have erectile dissatisfaction and sometimes dysfunction. I guess it was linked to my cold hand and feet problems

  10. OH MAN, dude I have struggled with Raynaud's ever since I was 10-12 and hearing this is the super exciting. I love to be active but I found the New England winters always kicked my ass and this gives me hope I can finally spend time outside without loosing my fingers and toes. Thank you so much for sharing this, I am going to give it a shot moving into October and see how things progress and I will let you know how it works out.

  11. Hey, I'm a climber, also, and SUFFER with Raynauds. I'm about to do my first WHM Ice Bath with Ryan Bean. He recommended this video. I'm excited to fix this crazy phenomena…so that I can also fully enjoy my winter sports. Thank you for this video!

  12. I'm very happy to find this, I already practice WHM for about 5 years, but my hands and feet are so cold like 'walking dead'. I'm almost giving up about WHM, cause this Reynaulds. I over exaggerated in the begining, cause there is no WHM certified Instructor here where I live. But not good results because my low thyroids and low adaptation for the cold. I don't know if my feet can improve. In a cold day, after my cold shower my feet were reddish, but after 20..30min after the front of both feet were purple. I'll try this baby steps. Thanks.

  13. lol i had brain fog and forgot or did not learn you are supposed to take the cold water dips slowly. it was winter time so i filled my tub with lukewarm water then i turned on the cold water and its like -30 Celcius outside in Canada lol. and i stayed in the tub for close to 25 mins. now i had brain fog so there is a disconnect from the body somewhat. so i did not know i was close to dying. i was not shaking even. i got out of the tub after 25 mins and layed in bed. about maybe 2 mins later i see this bright flash of light and feel this love you can not even describe. only other people i know that has this happen is people that have had near-death exp's. so yeah be careful.

  14. I’ve been wanting to try this however have been scared due to my connective skin disease (autoimmune disease) that usually causes Raynaud’s phenomena however I don’t currently have Raynaud’s due to being in the beginning stages of the disease. I am advised to avoid cold. Anyway I will keep doing research and possibly just try to see what happens. Thanks for this video.

  15. Thank you so much for this video! So inspiring✨. My raynaud’s has been at its worse but I am committed to discovering and diving into this method. So grateful I found you.

  16. Hey brother 💞 thanks for the positive energy 💗 hurt my back a little bit however took your advice and increased the frequency of my 70° Florida shower and the positive vibes from all you cold as ice loving hearts💞👣❄️💗

  17. Continuation, 335 lb and almost dead and very little circulationand started moving and exercising and breathing better and eventually got down to 212 lbs,👣 in October I weighed 280 lbs and was in similar dire straits and started the Wim Hof method and look at me now 💯💞❄️ so keep moving forward and don't give up and remember we all love you 💯👣💯💗

  18. I'm a climber and I struggle with cold extremities. I've allowed it to keep me away from winter climbing. Just discovered the wim Hoff method a few days ago. Thanks for your insight on a practical way to start integrating this into my life. Looking forward to results.

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