Monday, September 20, 2021
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Shawn Stevenson – Stop counting calories! (Try this instead) | Ep134

Shawn Stevenson, host of The Model Health Show and best-selling author of Eat Smarter, chats with me about why fat ISN’T the enemy, the TRUTH about calories, and the amount of protein you NEED for optimal health.

Full transcript and show notes:


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34 thoughts on “Shawn Stevenson – Stop counting calories! (Try this instead) | Ep134
  1. Ok: I’m 38, tall, slim guy, Mediterranean diet (I live in Spain), active… but for the last year and a half I really felt I was starting to “become rusty” (as I would put it). I never felt really bad, but never felt great in my stomach – occasional constipation and regular irritation, that was my “normal”. Also, I had suffered from a mild arthritis in the joints of my toes since I was a teenager (that came and went) but now it was starting to be chronical. Since last spring I started feeling pain in my right knee, went to the doctor finally, got some magnetic resonance pictures and he told me the only solution (or rather THE solution) was to inject my own blood’s regenerative plasma… 300€ euros each shot, and I needed three. (I don’t blame him.) Right when this was starting to be really worrying for me (my knee was going one step forward and three backwards every day), and I was about to wave farewell to 900€, I stumbled upon doctor Gundry in YouTube. Almost three weeks into (nothing fancy) just avoiding lectins, and eating a lot of good stuff, intermittent fasting once a week, now I can go up the stairs (two steps at at a time) and feel my knee is greased pretty much as it should be. And, sure enough, I see this anaconda every day…

  2. Dt. Gundry – It's been a year since I plowed through your Plant Paradox book. Incorporating what I learned into my diet dramatically increased my overall health. I'm now half way done reading it a 2nd time just to fill in any gaps from the 1st time.
    I've also just now ordered Shawn's book and cannot wait to get through it also. Thanks for the videos!

  3. The reality is that quality food, namely protein and fiber will result in greater satiety, BUT this doesn't work for everybody, and EVERYONE should at least read food labels to know HOW MUCH they're eating (without necessarily counting every single calorie), cause at the end of the day if you eat more than your body needs, it can be greatest most healthiest food in the world, you WILL most likely get some sort of issue.

  4. Great Video and very informative, we'd love to collaborate and post your creative commons video on our fitness channel SAM – Sports And More as we start a new series "Nutrition Sundays". Let us know if it's ok to post your video 🙂

  5. Dr Gundry, I'm a 64 year old male and have been healthy and active my entire life. No smoking, no drinking, no drugs and I have exercised my entire life. Well, 6 weeks ago I started having hip pain that turned out to be moderate arthritis in both hips. Will your diet benefit me? Thank you. Alex

  6. Yes, can I share your ideas on media, summary what you said in my language too, & refer back to you? Because it changes me too! Weight, & my eating habits. Love your pods educational episodes! Lost 25- 30lbs in 8 months. Trying to lose 20 more #. Thank you Doc. ❤

  7. Matthew 4:4 But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ ”
    Matthew 15:11-20, Romans 16:18, Romans 14, 1Corinthians 6:13, Philippians 3:19-21, 1Timothy 4:1-5, 1Corinthians 10:25-26

  8. Shawn, first off, I’m grabbing the book tonight. Secondly, do you offer consultation. I would like to have a “consultation” with you to discuss my families and I eating habits.

  9. What an excellent interview. Dr. Gundry is an advocate of low land animal protein , and yet he did not interrupt or interfere with Shawn fully expressing his views on protein. Just gotta say.
    I am getting his book from the library and then may buy it for my collection.

  10. Hi Doc Gondry, my husband (a "healthy" 50yrs old man) and I started two weeks ago (1/11/21) the plant paradox diet (I already got 2 of your books) on the hope that his progressive, rare, and autoimmune disorder that has no cure called Inclusion body myositis (IBM) could some how heal. We also started to take the Vitamin D (1000/day) and fish oil supplements. Question, is there something else he could be doing to get better? Is it ok to exercise (different doctors advise the opposite to each other since they  are not familiar with it)? Is there any other supplements he should be taking?
    I'm really hoping you could answer my question in one of your YouTube/
    podcast videos.

  11. I eat white fish, white poultry, white meat and adding to it some leafy greens and cruciferous veggies
    I feel like new man

  12. Good info! The only thing I don’t agree with is sitting with family for dinner. It always becomes a long feast. It’s hard to talk and eat at the same time. I learn to eat quitely and mindfully over years to learning. Thanks for the video 🙂

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