Monday, September 20, 2021
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Ben Greenfield reveals: Should YOU try the Keto diet? | Ep102

Ben Greenfield, host of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast and New York Times bestselling author, joins Dr. Gundry to talk about the dangers of the keto diet and how to do it SAFELY. They also discuss veganism, the carnivore diet, how to improve sleep and why having “more muscle” might be a tad overrated (when it comes to living a longer, healthier life).

Full show notes and transcript:


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42 thoughts on “Ben Greenfield reveals: Should YOU try the Keto diet? | Ep102
  1. "Keto Diet"
    Hello, I personally tried this system, it is very amazing and its results are 100% guaranteed. It is a system in which the body relies on fat as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates. This condition occurs when the level of insulin in the blood decreases, then the body starts burning fats, relying on it as a source of energy, which leads to the disposal of excess fats naturally and safely.

  2. The guy on treadmill is so disrespectful I would never buy his book or take anything he says seriously just for that! What are you so important you can’t even sit down and have a normal interview! So rude! And he can’t even talk normal🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. All you have to do in general to keep healthy with all of this health information is
    (Just Advice, Not a doctor )
    Fasting and Prolonged Fasting
    Proper quality sleep
    Tons of vegetables
    good amount of healthy fats
    Small amounts of fruit
    Moderate protein and depending on exercise
    Getting Micronutrients
    Cold showers
    Try eating mostly organic
    Cut out mostly suagr and refined carbs
    Eat very little or no gluten
    Doing aerobic, Hiit, and resistance exercises
    Incorporating Apple Cider Vinegar
    Getting a Ton of Omega 3
    Getting Nature Exposure
    Getting Electrolytes
    Adequate amounts of water
    Getting Enough salt and potassium
    Not overdoing healthy carbs
    Avoiding high mercury
    Getting good light and Vitamin D
    Avoiding 2 many heavy metals
    Eating healthy spices and using herbs and teas
    Avoiding harmful chemicals and food additives
    Not eating to early in the morning or to late

  4. I have a question. I am a new user of Dr. Gundry's 'Morning Mix' drink. The pink powder. The directions say mix one (provided) scoop with 10oz water.
    My question: Is the 10 oz of water a STRICT requirement? I have found the drink is much tastier by mixing powder with only 5 oz water. 10 oz makes it taste really diluted down.
    Thank You,

  5. Lot to take in, but also very interesting learning from them, Dr. Gundry and Ben Greenfield. Eat fruit, melons and berries that are in season, eat local sourced honey and be sure to keep your stress hormone balanced by using magnesium brine spray

  6. Dr. you had a video recently with an interview for some health nut talking about native Americans who ate meat with root vegetables.–HJ7vo that link is the Roman account of the Germans and what they ate and there’s no vegetables in their diet!!! since most Americans are from Germany /Poland / CEE the American Indian diet makes no sense ! therefore ketogenic and carnivore diet makes more sense for white European peoples.

  7. I do appreciate different views however given all the new animal protein Ben eats and promotes is a recipe for aging the cells of our organs and body. Eating a much smaller amount of animal protein will age the body less and give greater longevity. Getting an adequate amount of B12 could be a concern hence supplements

  8. Come on guy…. you couldn’t just sit down for an hour to have an interview with an internationally known heart surgeon and wellness expert?? I want to listen to your information, but you’re just silly.

  9. This was so interesting. Ive also worked in sleep medicine, but the information here was more than I learned on my journey. The science of anti aging has been a great addition for me to study.

  10. “Thy foods shall be thy medicines” This quote is based on a persons blood type. One persons food may be another persons poison. No wonder nutrition and health has become infinitely complicated and depressing. Regardless of the blood type, the most important nutrient for the human body is oxygen, which is never mentioned by anyone unless they’re suffocating from an oxygen-specific virus.

  11. I still believe it is healthiest to go mostly carnivore. Simple, nutrient dense, and satisfying. Liking the taste of something or adhering to old traditions is not a compelling argument, in my opinion. And any diet that's so extreme you need supplements makes no sense to me.

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