Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Biochemistry Focus webinar series: Obesity: from genes to biochemistry of a global pandemic

By 2017, more than 1.9bn people were overweight or obese in the world, resulting in more than 4m excess deaths. Since then, obesity has also been identified as an added risk factor for severe outcomes of Covid-19. The limited success of lifestyle intervention for obesity leaves only invasive surgery for severe obesity or medications with adverse side–effects as therapeutic options.

At this webinar, we hear from Nik Morton, Chair of Molecular Metabolism at the Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh, and Chair of the Biochemical Society’s Energy and Metabolism Research Area; and Katherine Kentistou, an MRC-funded Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh from the University of Edinburgh. Our speakers explore the research around the genetic extremes of body weight, and cover discovery approaches to obesity genes and their biochemistry.

The session was chaired by Professor Roger D. Cox, who leads the genetics of type 2 diabetes group in the Mammalian Genetics Unit at the MRC Harwell Institute, Oxfordshire.

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