Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Coronavirus: who's at increased risk & features of survivors VS non-survivors

The case fatality ratio of 2.3% is being thrown around by the media, but on the bright side, for the vast majority of infected individuals they only experience a common cold and mild illness (per data from Wuhan).

Only 15 to 20% of patients fall into the severe category (meaning they’re in the ICU requiring breathing assistance and oxygen support).

New Video: Coronavirus: Is ACE2 why Men Get Harder Than Women?

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00:30 What it’s like when Coronavirus spreads in your city

01:00 Coronavirus (COVID-19) is effecting the local economy in Kirkland and the greater Seattle Washington Area

03:47 How SARS-Cov-2 gets into the body via the ACE2 receptor

04:22 Viral load that creates a cytokine storm

06:00 Why the SARS-Cov-2 connection is problematic for lung health

06:35 Clinical characteristics of those who’ve gotten sever COVID-19

07:28: How the presence of disease comorbidities is linked with poor COVID-19 outcomes


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46 thoughts on “Coronavirus: who's at increased risk & features of survivors VS non-survivors
  1. Fasting 2000 to 4000 mg vitamin c spreading it over the day chaga mushroom tea sitting in sun in just shorts for 3 to 4 hours and very positive mindset like this bio weapon dnot have with my trillion dollars immune system

  2. This was s month ago!!! It's not the same story anymore as hundreds of very healthy people keep dying every day!
    I've stopped listening half way as you're trying to tell people the situation isn't as bad as portrayed by the media
    In reality it's far worse as we don't have the numbers of dead people in nursing homes and private properties added to the total.
    Today, the figure stands at over 17 thousands dead people in the UK!!!!
    You know why? Because the lockdown is being disobeyed!!!
    Also lots of very young people have died here to, contrary to what you hear on the news.
    God help us all!!!!.

  3. O just fucking great I have been bulking up to survive the coming food collapse gained 40 lbs since this now I'm going to have to go on a long fast

    I have zero co morbidities perfect healthy just chubby and have been IF keto 10 years now

  4. Mike, thanks for doing this video and all the other health stuff you do. A possible topic for future videos might be whether there are things that might help your immune system in the long run but could potentially weaken it in the short-term making you susceptible to Corona. For example, I have heard that high intensity training can weaken your immune system for up to 24 hours (although makes you fit in the long run). Also, do you think cold showers/baths are useful in building up immune system resistance in this particular crisis?

  5. “Metabolic syndrome affects approximately 24% of the US adult population; according to the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) criteria, about 47 million people have metabolic syndrome, including 44% of those in the ≥ 50-year age group.” It’s probably worse than this, but these numbers are truly sobering.

  6. I have a serious question, if I live with my older aunt and uncle who have underlying health problems and I use the public transport to and from work everyday, can I be a corona virus carrier without knowing and give it to my older family members? I’m so worried for them, I’m young and healthy although I smoke but otherwise healthy. Should I stop taking public transport to work and opt for cabs instead during these hard times? Please someone answer me, everyday I see on the news older people dying from this virus.

  7. Something I was thinking about today. All of these co-morbidities/diseases, if most people followed a healthier lifestyle, these diseases would be much less prevalent, much fewer resources would be spent on treatment, management, and research, resources that might have been spent on treatment, management, prevention, and research related to infectious diseases, and maybe infectious diseases wouldn't be such a major problem, disaster.

  8. I think this information will encourage younger people not to stay home. They can still spread it; and cause others to die. Also, I saw YouTube videos of strong guys who are getting over the Coronavirus. They didn’t say their symptoms were mild. I don’t want anyone to die.

  9. The problem I see Is that drug companies have too much power over our governments and they not only fail to acknowledge that natural approaches to healing are more effective than drugs but they censor anyone who is helping people with natural approaches. With these types of events taking place they use the media to alarm people even more so to cause panic and that just gives them more power. Are we going to turn into s communist country over this?

  10. I never comment on any videos, but felt compelled to comment on yours. This is the information that should be circulated to the public and I'm sad that it is not. Please continue your extraordinary work sir. Thanks.

  11. thanks for distilling all the info for us … i had chosen to trial carnivore diet this period, but the anxiety and frustration of grocery shopping makes it very easy to feel like eating all the crap in sight instead

  12. Your grocery store is quiet??! Hahaha! I wish! But in all seriousness, we gotta get smart about this. I’m on the east coast. We seem to be the last ones to get on board.

  13. My wife is convinced it'll all be over in 3 months. She's using China as the template and is seeing a leveling off.
    I'm a lot more pessimistic. I've 'discarded' the whole of 2020. A whole stinkin' year flushed down the kimode. #SMH

  14. Dear Mike, one Question. From where in those studies is the information, that 100% of those people who died, had one or more comorbidity? …I translated a lot of your information into german and made a short video…with those studies. But I could not find the statement, that 100% … Thanks a lot…greetings from Berlin, Germany…Robert

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