Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Immune support strategies: science review

Your lifestyle choices, thoughts and nutrition can impact your body’s immune system.

Here’s a review of things that can empower you.

New Video: Coronavirus: Is ACE2 why Men Get Harder Than Women?

Link to cold shower science:

Link to Breath Work Science:

Link to ketosis and immunity:

MYOXCIENCE Immune Support:

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28 thoughts on “Immune support strategies: science review
  1. Ok, about the cold showers…. I suffer from neutropenia and heard about how could cold showers improve your immune system so I gave it a shot. I started in May last year with one cold shower/day everyday. In August i got sick and had this very nasty fever (about 41 degrees C) that took me many many days to cure it with antibiotics. I do have fevers once in a while (I believe due to bacterial infections that my neutrophils can't handle) and prior to this one, my last one was just about a year before. I am not saying at all that cold showers where the cause for it but it surely was my most severe fever episode. Anyway, i thought it was a coincidence and after I got better, again started my cold shower routine. After just a month and a half, another fever episode, again about 40 degrees C. It did not hit me as hard as the previous one but never in my life I got 2 episodes in that short amount of time. Got my blood tests when I felt better: neutrophils as low as ever. So i decided that i am more better without these cold showers. I don't know, maybe it was just a horrible coincidence but my perception of them is that they make my organism more prone to diseases. Got off the cold showers and I am fever free for some months now (in October was this last episode).

  2. THANK YOU! these last 2 videos and the latest one have been the best information put out there aside from CDC/WHO info. Real info, without over-stating the research. As a medical professional I appreciate these videos/discussions.

  3. I have trusted your information and value your content. Your comments on N-acetylcysteine left me cold. I trust and learn from Dr. Alex Vasquez. His book Inflammation Mastery saved me from years of severe illness. I will link a short video of him talking about NAC and antiviral nutrition: He has longer videos available. Here are two studies with NAC and influenza:

  4. watched for more tips on immunity but did not know you went into your field due to overexercise induced depression. I am pretty sure that's what retriggered my depression, back in Dec amongst other things. Also was a daily omad'er since June 2019 but went back to 16/8 because i lost too much weight and couldn't get all my cals in. But now wondering if I am losing the autophagy benefits that came with longer fasts. But you also mentioned nutrition is important as well. And I definately get those in with doing 16:8. But I think I will throw in a 24 hr fast once a week,maybe twice while still doing 16:8. THis time not for weight loss but just for autophagy benefits. Thanks for your videos and sharing the data you go through with us! And thse cold showers…I hate the cold..but maybe I will do the same thing I will start to do with fasting …one or two cold showers a week!

  5. Mike, Love that youโ€™re offering all this genuinely helpful advice when all the advice that the mainstream medical community is offering is โ€œWash your handsโ€!

  6. A great phd doctor in France is recommending Chloroquine to treat the coronavirus, china contacted him for his advices and thanks to him they controlled the propagation of the virus, his name is Didier Raoult please check him up and share the information

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