Monday, September 20, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Tips for Combining Fasting and Cold Exposure Training

Jesse Coomer is a certified Personal Trainer, English Professor, Breathworker, Wim Hof Method Instructor meditator, and life adventurer. This channel is dedicated to health and wellness, breathwork, and cold exposure. The content in this video is Jesse’s opinion based on his own research and experience. It is not endorsed by NASM, Innerfire, or any other governing body.

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25 thoughts on “Tips for Combining Fasting and Cold Exposure Training
  1. I'm on a prolonged water fast (day 13) and although I only recently got more serious and consistent about cold training… I feel like I am progressing farther with the cold every time, unlike when I experimented with it before… I feel like fasting helps with focus, mental clarity, being present in the moment which goes very well with becoming able to just experience the cold together with your mind and body (united by awareness, so to speak). I am not sure how I will do once I break the fast, but I am surely curious. All in all, both are doable, feel amazing, and I have not had any problems with either. As for the cold training timing, I like to break the afternoon slump, or a bad mood. I'd advise to be more cautious with this combination if you're very slim tho.

  2. Learning fasting was my second personal experiment of 2019 (first being Wim Hof method). Ever since I do it (usually 16/18 to 8/6 and sometimes OMAD) I love two things more than ever: one is the sensation of food is huge after a fast, and two is the awesomeness of the power of you/this/your body/your mindset. On top of feeling more energetic and alive than ever with fasting (and WHM combined). Really didn't expect this to feel so good. But as Jesse mentioned: building up slow and steady helps a lot. Seeing and experiencing what you are capable of as a human being – without having to make huge sacrifices – is just fantastic 🙂 Only thing I had to get used to was eating enough when doing OMAD. I lost weight in the winter with being out in the cold every day. But no problemo eating some more.

  3. Fasting is The bomb!!! Survival skill !! Go to fasting by babysteps little by little.Good content thx💪❤️ Autofagia in not on/off switch it happens all the time . Only The level of it ingressis If you fast /exercise.

  4. I thought that the Wim Hof breathing resets the hormones?
    If so, could it be a tool for combining these 2 hormonal stressors on a high dosage from the get go?
    On a related note, how does the breathing exercise influence the time needed to reach Autophagy, if at all?

  5. I have been doing intermittent fasting for about 1.5 years. I’ve also done some longer five day fasts. The WHM and
    cold exposure go hand in glove with fasting. I really appreciate your video, very encouraging.

  6. I fast every Monday meaning that my last meal (calories) is Sunday evening around 10:00 and my first is on Tuesday morning around 10:00. Not easy but doable and very good for your system. I take advantage of the two nights sleeping hours (7+7) to extend my fast even more because by the time its Monday night i know that i can make it to the next morning. I do the WHM breathing in the morning followed by a 5 min cold shower every day. When i fast i feel cold too Jesse and everything seems harder but i know deep inside that everything will be OK. The connection i have with my body when i fast is amazing and thus pays off the difficult experience. Just do it and see for yourselves is the answer, everyone can do this but don't feel bad if you can't, just try another time or step by step.

  7. Hello. I think i can share my humble personal experience with fasting and cold training. I have been practicing fasting for 4 years and I usually do 48 hrs fast. I have been doing cold training for only 6 months. In my last 48 hrs fast i noticed and incredible performance during my cold training. I think that when you are in a complete fasted state and you are getting your energy from ketosis it is much easier for the body to withstand the cold. Obviously it is just my opinion. Greetings from Chile

  8. Great video,thanks so much for all the time and energy you put in for the benefit of others. I mix up my cold training and fasting often,I feel that not letting my body get into physical habits,adds to the adaptability of my physiology. Would be great to see you again 😊. Have a great day

  9. Good video Jesse! Like that you mention we are building a personal practice in what we believe will build us up.

    My own experience might be helpful for some others.

    I am 63 and only last few years feeling older. prior to that, felt more youthful.

    Several months ago, took keto, IF, cold therapy and sunbathing 1 hour per day. Regular daily yoga 30-60 minutes as well. Though I respect WHM, I adopted only the cold and mindful aspects. For the breathing I went with the Buteyko/Patrick McKeown method which takes in the CO2 component (its also much more gentle and easier to do that the hypoxic only training).

    Over this time:

    – Went from 72.5kg (not that big to begin with) down to 62kg. Didn’t try, the fat just melted off.
    – constant excess gas, bloating, belching etc disappears (this problem plagued me for years)
    – more alert and overall mood much better
    – can’t say I feel a lot more energy but I feel the quality of the energy I have is better
    – really enjoy all these disciplines and making progress with each (with cold therapy started at a cold exposure in 11C water bath of 20-30 seconds and built up to 27 minutes! The tolerance just keeps on increasing
    – someone online who is 67 stays in much colder water for 45 minutes and says it has worked wonders for his enlarged prostate gland. My own experience with a slightly enlarged prostate after cold therapy is that urinations is much improved.

    Hope this helps others. All these disciplines take courage and commitment. Wishing all well on finding their own disciplines to embrace.

  10. When i am fasting longer then 24h(usually doing 4-6days fasts every 2-3 month) i usually wait for the day with the "peak energy" to come. This usually is the 3rd or 4th day. In that day you will litarally feel like you are burning with high energy.(A good way is to pair your fast with the full moon. So you start 3-4days before and you have your energy peak about at the same time with the full moon). On those days cold showers baths are very easy. On the other days i experience being afraid of going in the cold shower, but after it, i realize the fear was actually stronger then the actuall cold. I did not do cold baths exept in those days when i felt like i was having a huge amount of energy inside.
    And most important, listen to the body and the inner voice.

  11. The timing is off on my playback. It starts out fine but slowly loses sync. By about 4 minutes I can see a slight divergence and it gets to be off by a good bit by the end. Only seems to be this video.

    Intermittent fasting really doesn't seem to do anything for me. I don't notice improved energy or clarity and only minimal weight loss. I basically just do it because it's easy and I am hoping it is doing something internally that's beneficial.

    For a quick and dirty F to C just subtract 32 from the temp and then cut the difference in half. So 50 F would be 18/2 or roughly 9. It's not precise because it's really 5/9 but half gets you in the ballpark.

  12. Hey guys, since the Wim Hof method decreases inflammation, should you do the method after having been vaccinated? Probably yes, just wanting to make sure :). Stay strong

  13. I have been doing OMAD every Sunday since the beginning on January. I find hunger is not a problem, l can deal with that. It's more to do the pleasure of eating that is harder to resist, not being able to eat certain favourite foods.

  14. I ‘m fighting a plethora of auto-immune disorders and my diet requires a no-histamine, elimination diet that consists of a liquid fast + 1-solid meal/day. I’m super grateful for my juicer, as it allows me to get plenty of liquids and vitamins into my diet to support my immune system. Additionally, I really enjoy making my own vegetable broth or bone broth for something warm, hearty and filling. I find this regimen to be complimentary to my breath work, exercises and cold showers. You can do this! 👍🏻💪🏻

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