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Copywriting Course: Write for the Health Space Without Getting Slapped | Heath Wilcock, AWasia 2019

Selling in the health industry is a different game. This copywriting course teaches you about a balance between compliance, psychology, and creating copy that resonates with the customer.

Heath Wilcock knows copy. It’s about understanding how to get your audience to know, like, and trust you – fast. Knowing that hype copy loses, every time. Customers are getting smarter so you need to speak to them at their level. We know the weight loss market can be tough. That’s why Heath has created a new style of copy to help you get back to the top. A trick with the health industry is creating copy that not only works, but is compliant. Heath’s 5-step process will help you stay compliant and make any ecom product irresistible – even in an oversaturated market. At the end of the day, advertorials beats compliance at every turn and Heath will show you why!

Speech by Heath Wilcock
Founder & CEO, Fold Soup Copy

Heath Wilcock is the owner and founder of Fold Soup Copy. He fell into copywriting by way of improv comedy, which he has been doing and teaching for over 10 years now. Through this, he has developed the “”improv copy”” method. This gives him the ability to write without hesitation, crack new angles, and develop engaging stories for products and services.

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