Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Did I Give Myself Afterdrop? | Cold Training Safety

Cold trainers should be aware of the dreaded after-drop. It is common for cold trainers to push too hard and occasionally experience feeling cold for hours after a cold exposure. This is a potentially dangerous condition and should be treated with caution. In this episode, Jesse answers a viewer’s email about afterdrop and provides some guidance for dealing with it.

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Jesse Coomer is a certified Personal Trainer, English Professor, Breathworker, Wim Hof Method Instructor meditator, and life adventurer. This channel is dedicated to health and wellness, breathwork, and cold exposure. The content in this video is Jesse’s opinion based on his own research and experience. It is not endorsed by NASM, Innerfire, or any other governing body.
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27 thoughts on “Did I Give Myself Afterdrop? | Cold Training Safety
  1. I wish I would have watched this video much earlier. I experienced after drop a few times and it took me long times to be good again.
    Very good content, and very well explained!

    I got another question no one could answer me properly (even some WHM Trainers): Why is the breath hold after the retention 15 sec.
    What can go wrong in worst case if I hold the breath much longer (incl. pressing to the head).

  2. You gotta find your limits I guess. Apparently mine include jumping in cold water, then walking around soaking wet in the rain and 12 mph wind when it's 35°F. Then coming inside and taking a 3 minute cold shower. Took me like an hour to warm up. Maybe it was mild afterdrop? I feel fine (and was outside for probably not more than 10 minutes), but I can see how being in those conditions for longer could be genuinely dangerous.

  3. Hi Jesse, I've been doing the Wim Hof ​​method for over 2 months now. This mainly helps me mentally and often also gets a boost after a cold shower. Sometimes I also take an ice bath. The day after my last ice bath I had a headache all day long with a kind of hangover feeling. I notice more often when I have been outside in the cold I get a headache the next day and feel a bit sick. I find this very strange, my immune system should become stronger, right?

    I often feel nauseous, while eating feels okay. Sometimes it seems like I have to throw up because of mucus in my throat. This can take a whole day or just a half day

  4. I do cold water pool in the morning. Later in the day or evening, I will sometimes feel a little bit of cool in various places of my body, almost like menthol cool feeling being released. Do you feel that?

  5. I always pay attention to my body. I don't know if I have ever experienced this, but when my body begins to shiver I know something is wrong and I get out and don't push it. I almost never shiver, so shivering to me is a sign something isn't right. I don't feel energetic after, don't feel very great, but I get out and allow my body to warm naturally still. I have never swapped to hot while shivering. Good to know not to go hot in dip moments.

  6. Very good informative video! To me after drop is one of the most uncomfortable feelings! I have been there a couple of times myself. For me after drop set my Wim Hof training back a little bit as I would be hyper sensitive to cold for at least 20 to 24 hours. The first cold exposure after… I would be tentative and have a hard time relaxing and sometimes I would shiver just at the thought of cold.

  7. Well it's winter and naturally the cold water stored pipes is colder, Recently I started showering in "all the way cold water" and oh boy it is cold like a needle.
    I shower for like 10 to 15 minutes every morning, do my thing shampoo soap etc… after I'm done, I'm shivering but I feel great, I don't feel cold, I do the made up made up tai-chi in a "taking poopy in a woods" position to help loosen the effect, It does help but doesn't completely get rid of shivers… am I doing something wrong ? I'm on week 2 of Wim's course, I'm 1.76cm 50kg Do I need more body mass or for more resistance xD ? Is this shivering situation something I need to be worry of ?
    If you could give me some tips on how to breathe while taking cold shower and before taking cold shower I'd highly appreciate it.

  8. Any benefits to standing outside in the cold such as you are doing? I have been doing cold showers and love it. As of last week I started standing outside.

  9. Thanks for all the interesting content, Jesse. I'm learning a lot. I'm 58 and am dealing the effects of chronic Lyme disease. I've been doing Wim Hof breathing and showers for a year and just recently switched to cold baths. I have been using my bathtub and ice but now have a water trough in my yard. Initially I was going for longer times and worked up from 5 minutes to 15 in the span of 2 weeks. I found that somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes in (at 57-58 degrees) I no longer felt really cold and actually could move around and dunk my head. After getting out, though, I had a temp of 93-94 and was shivering a lot. Ok, now I see that was not good. I also use a sauna for detox purposes so I went right into it after my cold exposure. Seemed to make sense. Also, probably a mistake, though I felt fine. I'm not underweight, but almost. I guess my question is how to plan my sauna time and my cold exposure time in my day. Is it always bad to follow cold with heat? I got the idea watching the Yes Theory docu. Thoughts?

  10. I grew up in the mountains in Idaho. Right now at my dad’s cabin, there’s five feet of snow on the ground and skiing has been open since September; we love the cold. I spend most days in the winter outdoors with no snow clothes on, and I loved the sensations of being cold, but have experienced the discomfort of afterdrop on a number of occasions.

    The very best was to combat afterdrop is to soak in a warm – not hot – bathtub with hot cups of beef stock or chicken soup, followed by warm blankets in a reasonably warm room. As a nurse, we used to treat afterdrop with warm blankets and heated beds in a warm room which take longer and extend the discomfort. On the rare occasions that I still experience afterdrop on the farm, I choose my childhood method of recovery; raised by farmers and survivalists in the Rockies, I trust their wisdom. It’s gotten me through a half century without injury.

  11. Thank you Jesse. I have a question. When watching Wim training, for example, the yes theory guys, why does he let them in the sauna after long cold exposure when it could make your afterdrop even worse? Thanks for converting to degrees Celsius, love from Belgium.

  12. I’m just starting the Wim Hof method! It’s also barely a week since I started and I’m starting incorporating cold training exposure! I honestly kinda wished I had your weather when Im starting off lol. I just spend 7 and half minutes out in -30c/-22f weather! I lived super far North in Canada when the nearest largest city is a 16 hour drive. Also I have a question, can I skip the cold shower I’m supposed to take since I already spent my time out in the cold outside. Or is it alright doing cold training exposure multiple times a day?

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