Friday, February 26, 2021
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Fasting for Women: Crafting a Fasting Practice That Won't Wreck Your Hormones

Fasting can be a profoundly beneficial practice for gut health, longevity, self-discipline, and more.

But if you’re a healthy, premenopausal woman looking to start fasting, you may need to take some extra consideration not to overdo it and wreck your hormones.

In this video with Women’s Health expert, Kelsey Hess, you will learn what to do (and not do) while crafting a healthy and beneficial fasting practice.

To take an even deeper dive into fasting for women, check out Kelsey’s 2-part blog series here:


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8 thoughts on “Fasting for Women: Crafting a Fasting Practice That Won't Wreck Your Hormones
  1. Lots of good information. Being as this is the first video for day one of The Kion Fast, it maybe shouldn’t be talking about all the reasons not to fast. I feel like it wasn’t very motivational for the first day. It actually made me feel like maybe I shouldn’t be doing the fast.

  2. I feel amazing and have lost weight on fasting. I do 18/6 but have missed several periods. Can you advise where I can learn more about this, I really don't want to stop fasting.

  3. I’m in menopause… hysterectomy 3 years ago… still have ovaries and hot flashes galore for 3 years. So intense. How is a smoothie shake fast with menopause or what kind of fast would you suggest ? No health issues other than menopause crap. Thank you .

  4. Thanks for the tips! I'm doing or I pretend to do IF (12-14hrs) for the week…My particular question is how can I improve My hormones during this week? Eating some thing in particular? I gonna doing yoga and meditate 😊 thanks again

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