Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

Mark Sisson | Eating And Exercising For Longevity, Going With The Flow, And Picking Your Battles

Host Brad Kearns talks with Mark Sisson about the latest trends and breaking science in the world of health, fitness, and longevity. Discussion includes: evolved view of insulin resistance that emphasizes the damage to fat metabolism and metabolic function caused by industrial seed oils; striking a healthy balance between longevity and striving for the six-pack; de-emphasizing straight cardio for a broad-based workout protocol that emphasizes maintaining muscle mass and avoiding overtraining patterns; the psychological benefits of cold exposure that help you appreciate the present and live without judgement; and balancing a relaxed, gratitude-oriented mindset with pursuing peak performance in competitive business and life settings by picking your battles. This is a great show to find out what Mark’s been up to lately and how he has changed his perspective and approach in recent times with diet, fitnes regimen and mindset.


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22 thoughts on “Mark Sisson | Eating And Exercising For Longevity, Going With The Flow, And Picking Your Battles
  1. Gourmet egg Sandwich

    Olive oil
    2 eggs
    1 turkey slice
    1 cheese slice.
    Jalapenos (optional)
    2 slices of bread

    Cook spinach and mushrooms with oil put them on a plate

    Cook 2 eggs over easy and put them on a plate

    Then cook one piece of sliced turkey put it on a plate

    Then cook two slices of bacon or however many you would like in a pan and put it on a plate

    Get two slices of bread ready and spread mayonnaise on one side and put a slice of cheese on top

    Build all of the cooked items onto the cheese slice and then put some mustard on top and add cooked jalapenos if you want and then put the other slice of bread on top and then grill the sandwich slowly on medium heat.

    Be sure to butter the bread also

    For best results use a double-sided frying pan and egg rings.

  2. I have been trying to get this idea through to the low carb community for years now, but nobody seems to get it.
    We understand what causes insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.
    It's fructose, and it's a fact.
    Metabolic syndrome is a natural biological reaction to fructose consumption, and it has an beneficial effect. The effect is to help animals survive starvation.
    In nature, all animals including humans need a way to survive food shortages, and we have evolved to a way to do that. Fructose consumption via fruits is an evolutionary way that animals gain weight to survive the winter, and gain weight when needed to hibernate and migrate.
    Animals in nature have learned how to regulate their weight incredibly well in nature to survive and thrive, and they do this by eating fructose when needed to help them gain weight and go into a state of metabolic energy restriction which allows them to prepare for food shortages.
    Fructose solves two problems in nature. Fructose allows fruit plants to spread it seeds somewhere else so another location, and it allows animals to gain weight and go into a slower metabolic state to survive times like winter without food.
    In other words, fructose is nature's weight gaining chemical.
    No doubt fructose has saved trillions of lives throughout the animal kingdom, and continues to do so.
    The problem we humans have is that we have figured out how to eat fructose without limit, and this makes us gain weight, and get insulin resistance to prepare for a famine that is never going to come.
    Dr Richard Johnson out of the University of Colorado explains this in his book The Fat Switch. You can also check out his Youtube videos.

  3. As far as the over training for things like an Iron Man or even a standard Marathon, I view them as simple dick measuring, usually for little more than ego.

  4. Burning fat and fat loss are not the same deficit drives fat loss. Best shape of my life on high carb plant based diet. Keto diets shorten lifespan. Look at valterlongo’s work

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