Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Should I Stop Cold Training During the Pandemic?

Jesse Coomer is a certified Personal Trainer, English Professor, Breathworker, Wim Hof Method Instructor meditator, and life adventurer. This channel is dedicated to health and wellness, breathwork, and cold exposure. The content in this video is Jesse’s opinion based on his own research and experience. It is not endorsed by NASM, Innerfire, or any other governing body.

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20 thoughts on “Should I Stop Cold Training During the Pandemic?
  1. If the wim hof boost the immune system wim hof proved it when he and his pupils were able to fight of the bacteria strain in university study? hello! if he has said it is possible to never get sick again why would you stop? It could be the very thing that saves you from the "Beer Bug".

  2. I just wanted to ask you about something that has happened to me in the past with Wim Hof method. Whenever I am practicing daily, I am fine, but if I stop doing the breathing technique, I get sick within one or two days of stopping. Have you ever experienced this? It seems like my immune system takes a dip when I stop and that is why I am scared to start it up again.

  3. Hey mate, greetings from Czechia. As a matter of fact, I went from four ice baths(around3°C) per week to every day:)) Usually stay in from 3 to 6 minutes, no longer. Basicallly, I take them pretty much daily. It does help to shut my mind up and feel much better afterwards:) More often than not, I take them in the afternoon/evening as I'm not a morning person. It significantly improves my sleeping then:) On top of that, I've read your book and it's really a good one, it's a heel of a book mate! A small tip for others: If you want to take an ice bath but you can't afford either a big chest freezer or buying bags of ice every day, go with a small chest freezer and fill food boxes with water. You'll get ice cubes in 24 hours:) Just fill your bath with those ice cubes(cut them a bit with hammer) and water, once you've done with the ice bath, there'll be still a bunch of ice in your bath, so just pick it up and get it back to the food boxes, add some water and you've got a pretty solid base now for your next ice bath, so you don't have to start from the ground;)) Thanks Jesse for all the content you're sharing with us!

  4. Great advice Jesse, focus on what you can control- your mind and your heart – rather than all the things out there beyond our control. And keep going into the cold and build those immune systems! 😃

  5. You are so right about breaking free! Cold showers have given me a sense of control over my mind that I’ve never had. Ever. I take one in the morning and it gives me energy and clears my mind and I take another at night and it puts me to sleep. I do WHM breathing in the morning because I like the burst and I do your box breathing exercise at night and I’ve never slept better in my life. I used to have to take pills, booze or weed to get ANY sleep and now I pass out in minutes. Cold showers and breath work for life!!

  6. I've havent been consistent with the cold showers cuz the emotional stress was alot in these past 1/2 months but i'm getting back into it.. it's good to hear that 30sec to 2min also possibly still has benefits because often i would wanna do a really short cold shower but then don't do it cuz i believed only 3min has all the benefits..

  7. thanks for the video sir! i have been wondering about this! i haven't been doing cold training and I was wondering if I should, to keep up my immune! this video answers my question. 🙂

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