Friday, February 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

The reason to ditch your fitness tracker for the WHOOP – HRV!

HRV – Heart rate variability. This is the “miracle” fitness metric that started it all for WHOOP. In this video I break down what it is, why we should track it, and what makes WHOOP the best tool for the job!

If you’d like to support the channel and get your own WHOOP strap, click this link for a free strap, and $30 off your membership:

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18 thoughts on “The reason to ditch your fitness tracker for the WHOOP – HRV!
  1. You’re a smart dude thanks for the breakdown. This is my fourth day with my whoop strap. Love this device. Watching your videos are really helpful on getting a better understanding on how it works. Thanks bro🤙🏽

  2. Nice video, I don’t like the pitch of getting rid of your watch to get this. For me it makes much more sense to have an Apple Watch and a whoop because I need my watch for long runs to track distance pace and heart rate with a quick glance. I know a bunch of others who use whoop and Apple Watch at the same time daily

  3. This looks amazing but that $30 a month is the barrier here for me. Thats just to much. I wish they would just have a fixed price for the whoop and then a very small fee per month or none at all.

  4. Great video! Been on the fence about this for a while. I workout daily at 5am and I push myself very hard lifting & running. I guess I’ve been afraid of what I may find out with the whoop. I overthink EVERYTHING so information overload has been a legit concern. I guess I won’t lose anything given it a try.

  5. Had mine 2 weeks. Love it. Very interesting metrics that I’ve not had measured before. Also interesting to see my lockdown running has got my RHR down to about 38. Makes me feel guilty about having a beer though. (Damn red recovery)

  6. Wes, I have 2 different Whoop strap just this year-neither worked. Neither could accurately track sleep and both burned my wrist. Truly. I had scales, like a bad sunburn, in the area where I’d worn my Whoop strap. I sent their customer service pics of what had happened. They basically blamed me and said i must have an odd “skin type”. If only it would work as they say it does.

  7. Just ordered my whoop today, found you today as well. Kristi Eramo, a crossfitter, did a review video as well, and your videos and hers helped me finally get it.

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