Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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100 Days Of NoFap Changed My Life (The Science Behind NoFap)

Hey! If you’re new to the channel… my name is Billy Harris.

My area of expertise is helping high performing entrepreneurs take their business and performance to another level.

I typically work with 6/7/8 figure entrepreneurs, CEO’s and enterprises and I help them to optimize their sleep, nutrition, body, mind, time, and focus.

To work with myself and my team, check out my case study here:

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A quick summary:

In this video, I take you through the proven habits, foods, exercises, workouts, nutrients, and tools that boost testosterone, drive, and anti-aging so that you can hack yourself into a “T MONSTER MILLIONAIRE ENTREPRENEUR”.

YouTube is full of T-optimizing videos and channels, apple has entire podcasts devoted to drive and testosterone, broscience forums are chock full of T advice from around the planet, there are entire T-boosting websites jam-packed with linkbait and ads and…

…don’t even get me started on supplement companies, who mostly source cheap herbs from Asia, shove them into a bottle, and produce a very, very sexy website designed to get you to empty your wallet to pop some magical T-boosting pill.

And yeah, you can find plenty of research articles on optimizing T and even a bunch of books and e-books have been released. Honestly: my team and I are consummate geeks. We spend our entire days reading, researching, writing, tinkering, experimenting and immersing ourselves in this stuff.

And these apparently promising supplements, pills and tricks sound good, but simply don’t work. Yep…they don’t work, or they raise your T so miniscule-ingly low that you’re basically spending hundreds of your hard-earned dollars on pretty much next-to-nothing when it comes to an actual significant boost.

Before we jump into these many-probably-never-heard-of-hacks on optimizing your T, I want to make sure that you have the basics covered. Yep, the boring basics. Without these, which include things like an adequate fitness training system, nutrition, sleep, and stress management, these strategies won’t be as solid as they could be.


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12 thoughts on “100 Days Of NoFap Changed My Life (The Science Behind NoFap)
  1. 10:30 25,000 calories a day sounds good to me 😉 Thanks for the content, really helpful as an entrepreneur at the start of their journey. This along with your other videos really help. Would be cool to work with you in the future. Keep it coming!

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