Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

How the Cold Can Improve Your Metabolic Health

In this video, I review the history of research into how ambient temperature affects longevity, before discussing the power of the uncoupling proteins UCP1 and UCP2. I discuss white fat, brown fat, beige fat, and brite fat, and I outline some of the lifestyle factors that can increase the browning of fat. I discuss the implications of brown fat for metabolic health, before  I conclude with a recommendation of training in the cold while consuming a high fat diet to improve metabolic health.

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2 thoughts on “How the Cold Can Improve Your Metabolic Health
  1. Interesting leo. I have a question about metabolism and weight. My wife has trained hard and eaten good for years and struggled to lose weight. I can attest she eats clean and trains correctly but has stayed roughly the same weight. The only time she lost fat was training 6hrs a day for mma competition 10 years ago . Her labs were normal and most doctors are stumped and think shes not being honest about her training / eating. Could this be hormonal or her genetic set point is just to retaina higher level of adipose tissue?

  2. Incredible video Leo. Very informative and interesting topic. Thanks for answering our questions!
    Do you think that during the adaption period or when sustaining benefits of cold exposure that this is something that needs to occur daily?

    Thank you for the devotion and commitment to your channel even when you are preparing to move.

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