Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Low Carb International All Stars – Q&A 3rd Session

The presenters from the third session of ‘Low Carb International All Stars’ answer questions from the livestream. Featuring Prof. Robert Lustig, Dr. Ben Bikman, Prof. Thomas Seyfried, Dave Feldman and Dr. Sarah Hallberg.


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42 thoughts on “Low Carb International All Stars – Q&A 3rd Session
  1. What I love about the low carb community is how much they put themselves in conversation with one another. I love seeing their studies interact – it's a true necessity for real scientific discussion. From their intersection, I learn so much more than I have at college yet, and I'm really motivated to study in one of these guys' positions as I get further along. I always enjoy these All Stars!

  2. I never thought that these sort of talks would be one of the things I enjoy. These all star meetings are just so interesting and over such a wide variety of health issues. Wish I could retain more of the detail. Keep them coming and hopefully one day we can do them face to face.

  3. A BIG THANK YOU to these guys for sharing their findings on You Tube so that ordinary people can gain insight into real health / unhealth. Doctors and mainstream media are still peddling the idea of ‘balanced diet’ and ‘eat a healthy diet’ ……..useless advise for most people.

  4. Wow that was one "nutrient dense" panel, rich food indeed! Favourited, I will come back and listen to this in future to try to extract the maximum information, so many new and powerful ideas and new perspectives.

  5. My brother has cancer but he scoffs at the notion that sugars and carbs are feeding his cancer. I have sent some vids his way, but he has not changed his diet one bit. Still taking his statin as he is still afraid of cholesterol. I told him to try to starve the cancer. It's worth a shot at lesst. Not much more I can do.

  6. If these nutrition/keto/fasting channels want to have an AMAZING podcast invite THESE doctors to discuss animal products:
    Dr. Goldhamer, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Berg, Dr. Naiman, Dr. Fung, Dr. Mason, Dr. Saladino and Dr. Lustig. We have the eat only organ meats folks, we have the eat mostly animal products folks, and then we have the NO animal products folks.

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