Saturday, October 16, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Optimizing Water Intake to Lose Weight

Two cups of cold water on an empty stomach a few times a day for weight loss. Boosting your metabolic rate through drinking water.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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32 thoughts on “Optimizing Water Intake to Lose Weight
  1. I have drank more than three cups of water multiple times in an hour. Never new that was bad. I've done it will spinching and never died I downed two 500ml bottles of water while binging tons of food. So it makes me wonder if you're a bigger person (I'm a normal weight according to the BMI though) if you need more water than smaller people.

  2. Can you please create a video translating the recommended water minimum / maximum per day and maximum per hour, using millilitres.
    The term "glasses" and "cups" is very confusing as this could be 8oz or 12oz.

  3. Is it possible to have chronicle thirst? I’m always thirsty, even if I drink plenty of water. How can I get a diagnosis? I’m kind of afraid to go to a nutritionist who doesn’t know how to diagnose my condition (not that I have the same chronicle thirst, probably is just bad diet). What should I do if I’m always thirsty?

  4. This was a great video man! I recently made a vid about my free ebook I made. It goes over practical 7 actions you can take to lose weight today. I made a video about it on my channel so check it out!

  5. Very COOL!!! Definitely doing this on a daily basis from now on…….they sell Evian bottles in 16.9 oz sizes…….six packs…, just need to buy 4 of them each week….. : D

  6. Increasing water intake leads to loss of electrolytes which makes you lose water weight. It has nothing to do with increased metabolism. After overdrinking water for a long time, your body may actually start to hold more water because its used to you wasting all those electrolytes the body needs.

  7. Dr. Greger, I am really mad at you and I am not unsubscribing until I tell you why.. As an 8 year vegan I have no alterior motive in criticizing you and the validity of your earlier videos on HRT. You so badly reported the WHI studies on HRT that your credibility henceforth is greatly diminished. You just don't understand how to tease out RCT results and therefore you can easily harm people like women who you scared off of getting estrogen deficiency treated at menopause through HRT.

  8. Dr.mcgregor i was wondering if you could do a possible future video on althetic anmennorea and whether it's a real danger or not? I don't fully understand why women at a healthy bmi but no period is a bad thing. Can you please do a video on this topic???

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