Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

How to Lose Fat for WOMEN – The Complete Guide to KEEPING it Off

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This video will cover:

– Diet strategies to lose fat for women
– Types of cardio to utilize
– Saunas + cold exposure
– foods & supplements to consume



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37 thoughts on “How to Lose Fat for WOMEN – The Complete Guide to KEEPING it Off
  1. Thomas, can you do a video for women who are perimenopausal and menopausal? our hormones are all messed up and seems to be harder to lose weight while we are going through this time?

  2. I had no idea that curcumin (turmeric) was good for fat burning. I've been taking a turmeric supplement for the past month or two and just bought more today, but I take mine for eye inflammation. I've also started taking a vitamin D supplement, mainly to protect against the rona, and my mom just gave me a probiotic to start using. I do drink a ton of green tea lately, especially since I just started 16/8 intermittent fasting. Wow, I already do a few of these things 🙂 I don't eat a ton of meat but I do eat chicken breast with my lunch on most days and I like beans and lentils.

    However, I can't do saunas. They are terrible for my dry eye syndrome 🙁 Maybe if I had a wet washcloth on my eyes the whole time that I kept rewetting. Steam rooms, however, are great for my eyes. Is that beneficial for fat loss at all?

    I get cold easily, even in my own house when I exit my comparatively toasty bedroom after waking up.
    I can't even sleep unless I'm rather warm. I rarely go on walks during my break at work in the wintertime!

  3. i tried telling my overweight family members about temp exposure, but good luck trying to tell convince old-world folk about that topic. they still believe that cold temps makes u sick. i show them articles in their language that cold temp doesnt make u sick. well, its bs to them. half my showers are cold temp ones: im not psychotic (Seinfeld joke), i walk around in t-shirts during the winter — something i would NEVER do–which has actually made me more resilient to cold temps…..etc…. sigh, will keep trying tho.

  4. Your videos are really helpful! I just watched three in a row and you're clearly coming from such an honest place of wanting to genuinely help others. Thank you so much for sharing what you do. I just discovered your channel, but some ideas for female videos that I'm hoping to find soon (and would love to see you do in particular, with your evidential background) are reviews on L-glutamine, Keto powder for weight loss (my friend who owns a Sangster's store in New Brunswick said it's wicked for weight loss, I'm thinking about trying it). Thanks so much for being so informative. It's really clear that even with brand sponsorship, you care about the facts and genuinely helping people. Appreciate your videos ✨🙏✨

  5. So an untrained person by this logic burns little to no fat… You say we need to go above 70% of maximum to burn fat then in the next sentence you say an untrained person would stop burning fat at 70%…
    Sooooo this makes no sense.

    HIIT may technically be better but I won't be doing it. It's bad for the joints long term and for adrenal health too.
    And my personal body hates it.
    I'd rather stick to lower intensity and lifting even if that means I have to train for longer, I'm happy to do that.

  6. Video summary:
    1- Higher intensity cardio
    2- 20-30 minutes in a sauna
    3- Cold exposure
    4- Foods/supplements (capsaicin, curcumin, green tea, etc.)
    5- Fasting
    6- Yoga
    7- Supplementation (vitamin D, probiotics, protein, etc.)

  7. I feel defeated. I have chronic pain diseases, have had 14 surgeries, take meds that work against me. Earlier this I was finally able walk in my treadmill and do some light weight work….but then I’d be in so much pain for days. I need help with eating, because of the pain, I can’t do much cooking. 😔. I’ve been eating better, but I don’t see any changes.

  8. So what specifically should we do as a hit workout and how long? I swim and try to stay in fat burn the whole time, for around 45 mins. Should I just add a few laps of hit in there? Thanks Tom !!!

  9. Ever since quarantine, I have gained 14 lbs but still eating the same way (no exercise, joint issues and never exercised), what could be the problem? I am still IF almost every day at least 18 hrs., eating OMAD, besides my bulletproof coffee. Could it be cortisol, I am HIGHLY anxious and stressed with this quarantine thing. All I know is I want to take this weight off again. Originally lost 85 lbs but am only 4'10" so this 14 lbs has me feeling like crap.

  10. Thank you for a Very good informative video. How long a woman should do HIIT in order not to lose muscle? and what should be her max heart rate during the session? thank you

  11. @ThomasDeLauer, Thank you for your passion within fitness, diet and nutrition, and all the information that y'all share! Regarding sauna or cold exposure, do you recommend doing those before or after workout?

  12. Is there anything that can serve as a substitute for a sauna? My fitness gym’s sauna and steam room are closed due to COVID-19. Any alternatives out there with comparable benefits?

  13. Would you recommend Hiit work outs for someone with old neck /back injuries , seemingly cause of chronic pain and inflammation that’s been near impossible to get under control?

  14. Thank you , i am glad you didnt say HIIT. we Indians consume chili pdr and turmeric daily, try drinking a cup of hot milk with turmeric and black pepper power with a tsp of desi ghee before bed . its really healthy . or when sauteing onions for your dishes add turmeric and chili pepper as well . all the best for everyone's good health

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