Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Purple Scars and Scarring: Why They Are Good & Indicate Health!

Typically people would prefer to avoid scarring but its generally because you want to avoid trauma. The opposite sex finds scarring attractive. Women prefer this in men when its from a noble purpose such as from an injury like fighting or hunting but not from an illness or excessive scarring such as burns. In this video I explore why scarring is desirable and a particular type of scarring where it is more pigmented usually a purple color rather than white. My body always produced white scars but today with any trauma/scrape/cut my scars are now consistently a purple color almost like the red purple color found in grapes, beets and other pigmented vegetation. If you are like me trying to not just get healthy but rather become OPTIMALLY healthy then watch for your scarring to start to become more pigmented & purple as well even if your other scars having always come in white with optimized health I think they start coming in purple. This photo shows a purple scar I got about 6 months ago. Between white and this purple color my brain times purple is better. Let me know what you think of this video and as always please give it a like, comment and share with others.


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5 thoughts on “Purple Scars and Scarring: Why They Are Good & Indicate Health!
  1. Today I noticed after submerging myself in freezing cold water that my skin came out red but my scars were deep purple, as a grape like you said. It's reassuring to hear it's nothing unhealthy. Thanks 😊 (normally they are light pinkish)

  2. I recently finished a book about scartissue, I think you like it. https://www.handspringpublishing.com/product/scars-adhesions-and-the-biotensegral-body/ I’m interested in the role fascia plays in all aspects of our body, and this is certainly one important aspect. In the beginning of your post you mention that the body gets even stonger after repairing tissue with scarrs. However, this has also a negatif aspect, because the flexibily has gone down. It has to be compensated by other parts of the body, wich sometimes leads to new problems. Therefore mobilisation of the scar is usefull to prevent this. But I think that this fits your idea of a good functioning body, strong and flexibel😉

  3. For fear someone might think I have a rotten tooth that dark area was fermented beet skin I had consumed prior to making the video and sadly did not detect until after posting. Well humility is always welcome especially when no pain or suffering accompanies it.

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