Saturday, October 16, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

The Thermo Diet Podcast Episode 67 – Jay Feldman 2

In this episode of The Thermo Diet Podcast, Jayton Miller sits down with independent health researcher and coach Jay Feldman. Jay has been in the metabolic health realm for years now and has a very comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of metabolic theory and the human body. In this episode, they go over
– misconceptions around adaptation and hormesis
– why our adaptation to something doesn’t make it beneficial
– Adapting to something to survive or thrive
– why adaptations to stress are harmful and aren’t responsible for the benefits from things like exercise
– Epigenetic factors
– the problems with being a “fat-burner” and low-carb diets
– Why we don’t want to use fatty acids as fuel
– Beta oxidation vs glycolysis
– Hormones associated with this type of energy utilization


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4 thoughts on “The Thermo Diet Podcast Episode 67 – Jay Feldman 2
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