Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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THE WEDGE | An Interview with Scott Carney

In this episode, Jesse Interviews Scott Carney about his recent publication, The Wedge. For more about Scott Carney or to get a copy of his book, check out the links below:

Buy the book!! https://www.scottcarney.com/the-wedge

About Scott Carney:
Investigative journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney has worked in some of the most dangerous and unlikely corners of the world. His work blends narrative non-fiction with ethnography. What Doesn’t Kill Us was a New York Times bestseller; other works include The Red Market and The Enlightenment Trap. Carney was a contributing editor at Wired for five years and his writing also appears in Mother Jones, Men’s Journal, Playboy, Foreign Policy, Discover, Outside and Fast Company. His work has been the subject of a variety of radio and television programs, including on NPR and National Geographic TV. In 2010, he won the Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism for his story “Meet the Parents,” which tracked an international kidnapping-to-adoption ring. Carney has spent extensive time in South Asia and speaks Hindi. He attended Kenyon College and has a masters degree in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He currently lives in Denver, CO

Scott Carney
Author, Anthropologist and Investigative Journalist
CEO at Foxtopus Ink
scottcarney.com | foxtopus.ink

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19 thoughts on “THE WEDGE | An Interview with Scott Carney
  1. Yeah I'm pretty chill my whole life now old enough I just don't give a flying f–k anymore what people think just wish they would get over the P.C liberal garbage.

  2. AWESOME INTERVIEW! Thank you so much for including my question. The peak that I am planning to climb the Wim way is called Musala and is the highest one in Bulgaria – 2925 m.

  3. Usually when I see interview 1h long I'm like "Maaan, it's too long for me to watch", but in this case it was like: "What?! Is this already the end?" . Thanks to Scott and Jesse for this 🙂

  4. My father has had crohns disease for the past 17 years,he suffers serious chronic pain all the time, he also wears a drainage bag for an abscess in his stomach, I am wondering will mr hofs exercises help him, bear in mind my father had a heart attack two and a half years ago, he went through a triple bypass, also he is 64 years old so would it be safe to do. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

  5. I usually stick to shorter videos around 10 minutes or so. This felt like a 10 minute video which speaks to how good it was. Great job! I read “What doesn’t Kill Us”, it helped me decide to take the 10 week course. I will get the “Wedge “. Have to admit, I am a little concerned about what I might decide to do after reading it! Thanks for posting this.

  6. Jesse – great job on the interview! I love the book and even posted a video recommending it. Scott does a great job explaining the science in a cool way and then providing examples that anyone could relate too.

  7. Sir I do simple breath hold means take a deep breath and hold it my time reach around 2:45 to 3 but in btw I take 2 swallow every time not more that that and those are reflex I can't control so I want to know is my time increase bcz of that or not bcz I also close my nose with my hand so that no air can go inside while holding please tell is my time genius or it increases bcz of swallow?

  8. Read an interview with Scott Wednesday and ordered the book then. His book What Doesn’t Kill Us started me on this path. And I gained a great insight from this video that I think I can use for motivation. Thanks!

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