Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Top 10 || Do These EVERYDAY to Help LOSE Weight and KEEP it Off Permanently!!!




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34 thoughts on “Top 10 || Do These EVERYDAY to Help LOSE Weight and KEEP it Off Permanently!!!
  1. On my second week. My body is acclimating to the diet. Already lost a pound. Eating one gram per pound of body weight.

    What’s great is if you follow his recipes based on the amount of protein you need, you’ll pretty much automatically hit your calorie goals as well.

  2. I'm not going to lie, I've been working out and eating right for over 10 years. I have competed before but listen, Greg has changed my life. My diet isn't even a diet anymore, it's just awesome food I get to eat. No it's not burgers fries and shakes, but I can eat turkey burgers, protein pancakes, egg whites with turkey sausage, anabolic Pizza. (Turkey pepperoni, ground turkey and turkey sausage, healthy dough for the base. Life is good. I haven't cheated in months.

  3. Hey coach Greg, if i don't have a gym membership or don't have heavy weights at home to challenge my muscles. Can I still build muscle or get fit, without lifting heavy weights?

  4. When I was a kid my parents lost a lot of weight with the "Montegue diet" (no idea of the spelling), which tells you not to combine carbs and proteins – meaning if you have pasta, have a veggie heavy sauce with it, or if you have meat, add veggies not potatoes. I only recently realised that this only works because it encourages you not to combine foods with high caloric density while still allowing you to eat to satiaty. Calories in, calories out, it's that simple. Thanks Coach for teaching me that

  5. And these tips can be implemented without having to count calories aswell? I’m looking for a approach where I don’t have to be so dependent on counting calories to lose weight

  6. Sharing your food is another way too. Eat with your children, spouse, loved ones–whoever and share your food. If you find yourself grabbing more than you need, share it and you'd be surprised how satisfying it feels.

  7. Don't buy the cook book guys.
    It's got zero pictures, is full of basic recipes (a full page for a ham and cheese sandwich…. Really?) And it has a HEAVY amount of very specific brand names with links so if you think that he's not getting a cut of that then I don't know what to tell you. I just don't think that this book is worth $100. I wish I could say that it's a great book but it's not. Very disappointed.

  8. Coach what about raw eggs blended seems old school bb ate shit ton and still alive like Arnold 60-72 raw eggs and he’s still alive so is 3-4 to 6 a day or twice a day ok?

  9. Loved your video! Age plays an important factor when it comes to weight loss. I tried to limit my calories intake but not working so well, since my metabolism is slowing down alot. Been trying Vanguard Formulas supplement and it helped my metabolic rate a lot! I lost 20 lbs so far with my diet plan and regular exercise. I don’t feel the craving much anymore and feeling healthier!

  10. This guys cookbook is awesome! If you eat 3-4 meals a day from his book you will be full as hell and your daily calories depending on how much you eat can be cut completely in half!

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