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Cold Thermogenesis

Why counting calories is BULLSH*T!

Before anyone gets fiesty in the comments, realize that calories in and calories out is still the golden rule. I’m not saying that physics (more specifically thermodynamics) is broken. I’m not saying you are broken.

Part 2:
I am simply saying that there are a LOT of factors that go into the equation, and this makes it nearly impossible to use accurately for most people. This video is the first part; I’ll link the second when it’s up. Probably tomorrow. Maybe. We’ll see.

This video examines the CALORIES OUT side of things.

1:05 Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) varies a ton. This alone could be a few hundred calories off.

2:09 Activity Levels also vary, and you don’t really know how many calories you are burning through exercise. Yes, a calculator can tell you that you are burning 127 calories per mile of running…but think logically here…that’s just an average as well, and it could easily be 10%, 20% or even 30% off. Even counting how much exercise is not easy.
2:46 Weight training and HIIT training create Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption…they raise your metabolism afterwards. Burn victims can have up to 80% higher metabolic rates. Crazy right!
3:30 Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) also varies a TON…this alone can be hundreds and hundreds of calories per day
3:55 Environment is a huge factor as well. Shivering can burn up to 400 calories per hour…even if it is a quarter of that, it’ll add up. High temperatures can also increase energy expenditure.
4:17 Hormones, especially thyroid can have a massive impact on metabolism…and you have no idea if this is having an impact unless you are legit hyper or hypo thyrodic.
4:45 Thermic effect of food. What you are eating matters, as well. Nothing is free of energy, and that includes digesting food. Protein takes the most, about 30% of the calories in it are needed to break it down. Carbs, about 10%, fats about 1-3%, though it can be more.
5:59 Water intake is even huge…every liter of cold water that you drink is gonna be about 46 calories to warm up to body temperature. Nothing is free. It takes energy to do that, which comes from fat or carbs.

6:20 stimulants can also increase metabolism. Like coffee, caffeine or other stimulants that start with the word C. hahhahahha

All of this adds up to where you cannot reliably predict your calories OUT on a daily basis. If you found a way…I’m impressed.

Because if you are off by even 10 calories per day, which is basically the metablic equivalent of seeing an attractive person walk by…that’s 3650 calories per year, or a pound of fat gained or lost.

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17 thoughts on “Why counting calories is BULLSH*T!
  1. Anybody who think calories matter I challenge them to eat 3000 calories of seeds a day see who much weight you gain in 3 weeks then eat 2000 calories in ice cream daily then see who much weight you gain. Less calories more weight gain

  2. Hey Geoffrey! So glad to have been recommended to your channel! Sean Nalewanyj recommended you and I can't wait to see more. Very interesting video and I think you clean out a lot of really vital information for how much calories can different. I haven't watched the second part yet and I'm looking forward to it and maybe an answer to this. But when you agree though that you need some sort of starting point? I definitely found the same thing when I first started tracking my nutrition. It gave me a baseline and I very quickly figured out that I actually needed to increase calories. I have been very slowly pushing up my calories over the past two years, very very slowly gaining weight (which is my current goal), and I'm now eating over 1000 calories more than was recommended based on those calculators that I used a few years ago. But I still needed somewhere to start and then I use my weekly average weight, my daily calorie tracking, and my progressive overload during my training to help me determine if I need to increase/decrease/stay the same. Anyways love the video and can't wait to follow along!

  3. Totally agree 100%. I never count calories directly or use any of those fitness calorie trackers. Even when I diet all the way down. I have a general idea of how much I need to eat and then weigh myself daily/weekly when I'm bulking or cutting and adjust things to make sure it's always moving (slowly) in the right direction. I never got the popularity of using all these calculators and doing math, if you're gaining weight but want to cut, eat less. If you're losing weight, (but want to bulk) eat more. You should be trying to eat generally healthy anyways, so the only variable you need to focus on, is how much you actually eat vs how much you need to eat. You'll have to guess, weight yourself and keep adjusting it until you get it locked in, but calculators don't really help. The sad part is, people calculate their calories WAY WRONG anyways. So even if the calculator says they need to eat 2K, people assume they are eating 2K and then get sad they aren't losing weight, when if you add up every snack, every meal and anything caloric they drank, it would probably be closer to 3K. Most of the people using those calculators aren't even inputting true numbers anyways.

  4. Top video. You have explained in 5mn what 90% of people will never find out 5 years. Kudos for keeping it brief. People can now research the rest…
    Do you believe that 50% of protein intake is ALWAYS converted into glucose on first pass through the liver? Or only under certain conditions…or only if there is an excess of amino acids?
    Your great on Quora btway

  5. Great content , very helpful , agree how much calories my body burns a day is mysterious , but counting calories help me to know how much I roughly eat, for example sometimes people think eating fruits is healthy but by counting calories I learned fruit has so high calories. Look forward to your suggestions.

  6. Feedback: Speaking speed is very low and the way you speak is less accented (nothing wrong with accent, just seems less energetic)
    Compared to people like Athleanx or Jeff Nippard I felt a little bored down the line

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