Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis

Can Cold Showers Really Improve Your Health?!

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** Disclaimer: The views expressed in the video are those of Dr. Kim’s and not of those of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The opinions expressed are not directly correlated with a definite cure or prevention method for Covid-19, but have been proven to increase immunity and overall health to in turn combat common cold and flu-like symptoms.

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Hello everyone – Dr. Fun-gi here! It is no secret that many are afraid of contracting the Coronavirus, which is why I am here to help with my many health tips and benefits! From diet and exercise, to mental exercises – I love sharing my health advice to save the world! In this episode of our Immunity Boosting Series, I am explaining the surprising benefits of simultaneously taking warm AND cold showers!

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“Showering is one of life’s pleasures! But do you feel invigorated after you shower or feel tired and just want to go sleep?

When you alternate hot and cold during your shower called contrast shower, it stimulates circulation and boosts your immune system.
You will feel relaxed alertness when you come out of the shower and you may not go back to your old way of showering with just hot water.
The feelings after the shower could be quite addicting!

Hot water opens the blood vessels and cold water closes them. When you alternate the water temperature, circulation is improved, and the removal of waste products is accelerated.
This is just like sweating and is an effective way to detoxify your body.

Let’s start your contrast shower today by finishing with cold water at the end of your shower. Obviously you don’t want to overdo it the first day. Just finish with 5-10 seconds of cold shower.
Then slowly increase the time of cold shower at the end.

Once you reach about a minute of cold shower, you can start alternating hot and cold from the very beginning. I recommend 3 minutes of hot and 1 minute of cold repeated three times. Please make sure you always end with cold.

Please make comments below and tell me how your shower went and how long you were able to stay in the cold.
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