Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Mitochondrial Health

How to get more energy from light!

In this video our CEO Andy Mant teaches you how where you live can affect your health and wellbeing and some tips to help improve it.



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6 thoughts on “How to get more energy from light!
  1. Please try to include references to your sources; I see – are you referring to this study? "EPA and DHA treatment significantly increased mtDNA copy number in skeletal muscle cells. These results agree with a previous study showing that EPA promoted elevated mtDNA copy number in inguinal and brown adipocytes (24). Thus, it can be postulated that EPA and DHA may enhance mitochondrial replication in skeletal muscle cells."

  2. Solely based on JP Sears ads, I purchased a pair of glasses on 1/17/2021. I began to query BluBlox by email (due to difference in time), before I bought my 2nd pair. The answers were delayed by days, inaccurate, off topic, with poor English, made by someone incompetent. In the end I stopped asking and decided not to buy the 2nd pair. After 2 weeks of ordering I realized they had sent the item with the wrong address (missing the 1st half of it). I tried to have it corrected, but it all ended up going back to, China? I requested a refund, but they said they will do it upon receiving the item. It has been over a month now. The impression I got is that Blublox is an operation marketed by Andy Mant and his wife from Australia, but everyone and everything else is outsourced to some cheap sweatshop in China. My advice to all, stay away from BluBlox

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