Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Cold Thermogenesis


I share my detailed analysis of this new high growth stock. It’s up over 500% this year, but I think it is just getting started. I haven’t been this excited about a stock in a LONG time! But as always, the crucial question…. Is this the best stock to buy now?

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Thanks for viewing!

Disclaimer: Everything expressed in this video is a personal opinion provided for entertainment value only. I am not a professional nor a financial advisor. These are not instructions, suggestions, nor directions as to how to handle your money. Please, always do your own due diligence.


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  1. If you really want to make profit while trading, I recommend Mr David Rich to you, the best professional account manager I met. I made $56,000 trading with him. His trading strategy is the best..

  2. Just bought a variety pack at Costco. Unfortunately missed the boat on this one. But pleasantly surprised to seeing this product being stocked in the aisle at my local Costco in Sacramento, CA.

  3. Dang watched too late again. Wish there was a list someplace. All the sub/ads/stories with movies take soo long and then they tell you to buy GOOg and hold a lifetime. Now Youtube is getting hard to maneuver with repeat after repeat click this webull that free shares x4 and discord that…over and over and over x 4 times anything you watch! I wonder if all that is soo great why all the ads for it……mmmmmmm. Once upon a time Castortroy.com sent a ticker on Sunday….just a ticker,,,,sigh, those were the days. PS: YahooFinanceSucks

  4. Matthew
    I typically enjoy your videos
    Some feedback
    1. The title is misleading, insane growth !! Not exactly in sync with your final recommendation of a STRONG BUY.

    2. Some of the pitches is too Salesmany angled. The energy is always great and you're a very smart guy but I think you can make improvements (as we all can).
    Producing YT Videos is very hard daily, weekly, etc. So not many people understand the stress and energy needed to tape and edit and produce for production. Not to mention most of you carry a full time job or classes.

    3. I like the Introduction always setting up the expectations for the video and showing the 3 to 4 areas covered. Great examples used throughout. Good financial breakdown always, shows you understand finance well. Your tone is very good, consistent throughout. I just would clean up the edges a little on the Salesmany stuff. You dont have to drink
    an energy drink to sell us, its more about the facts and data.

    Hope you this helps. Keep it going great work always

  5. Dude your videos are 2nd to none. The 6-7 hours of research is very much appreciated and I love that you stand apart from other Stock trading YouTube channels with some seriously high quality dissemination! Thanks man

  6. I enjoy your videos, great insights and appreciate the effort that you put in, but why such long videos?! Why not get to the point fast instead of blabbing for half the video. But then, honestly, it could just be me.

  7. Did you trim CELH after yesterday's 30% run up haha
    but really what a great stock with 30% FCF/sales, insane. trimmed 40% of my position at 30+ and planning to get back in at mid 20s after some correction hopefully

  8. I SQ stock and down like 30% This was supposed to be the new AMZN. Every day down 3% to 5% Just enough down to not sell every day. Every day i see it down 3% I think of rebound.

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