Saturday, July 2, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Brad & Raphael talk about SCD1, uncoupling proteins, saturated fat, linoleic acid & obesity

Raphael currently works in a lab with rat brains. Brad used to work in a genetics lab – rumor has it he got got fired for engineering a super tasty mouse. And that’s how he ended up raising pigs with a low-PUFA high-SFA profile. I think it should be called Slim Fast Bacon.

As you can tell, we really love animals, food and science. But the best part is being called a quack! So please leave us your comments down below.

– “SCDI theory of obesity” blog series
– Shop for uncouplers! Useful for single dudes he don’t have a partner to keep them warm at night


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5 thoughts on “Brad & Raphael talk about SCD1, uncoupling proteins, saturated fat, linoleic acid & obesity
  1. My man these videos you're uploading are truly fascinating and informative!! As someone dealing with severe metabolic syndrome that seems very difficult to reverse, I can't tell you how helpful what you're discussing is to me. Would it be possible for you to also upload them as a podcast on a service like I think you could reach a much larger audience there and build better awareness for your name/brand! Thanks for your consideration and please reply to this comment if you end up starting the podcast!

  2. Was brought here today by a link from the Fire in a bottle blog e-mail telling me my sterculia oil will be shipping soon 🙂 Great discussion!

    I lost a bunch of weight with fasting and low carb a couple years ago (60 lbs). But I could never get rid of that spare tire. When I found Brad's blog I read all of it over a couple of days. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep. It was such thought provoking stuff.
    I ordered the stearic acid right away. I made some of my own butter oil, but it was too waxy and I didn't like the mouth feel. Then I tried mixing in my coffee, but unless you add a fat like butter or mct oil it just made a wax on top, and even with the added fat it was not super pleasant to drink.

    So I will mix about a tsp in with some yogurt or cottage cheese, sprinkle on top of ground meat while I'm cooking it, or into my scrambled eggs. But then I bought a 00 pill stuffer and a bunch of gelatin capsules. After that I wasn't bound to foods that it would readily mix in or even to eating. I would take 4-6 pills of stearic acid at mealtime or if I was fasting I'd take some periodically throughout. Upping the intake really really fired up my metabolism. I was hot all the time. Then I ran out of capsules and haven't gotten around to filling more, so I'm back to mixing it in food. I really need to take some time and do more pills!

    Anyway, just wanted to thank Brad for making this info available. I have really changed my way of eating and can see improvement in my perpetual spare tire. I'm thinking good things will come from the sterculia oil. Can't wait!

  3. Peter from hyperlipid has an old blog-entry, in which he says that saturated-fat-burning fat-cells release more saturated fat than monounsaturated. This could explain Brads unsaturation-index – the saturated fat is maybe just burned off instead of being stored. Under the influence of glucose and insulin, more monounsaturated fat would be released, which would lead to a higher degree of saturation in tissue (edit : als long as SCD-1 is not highly upregulated).

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