Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Live Nutrition Q&A With Mina and Tom: High Energy Demands

Hosted by Mina and Tom, they discuss topics around consumption levels, nutrient timings, types of activity, activity levels, types of fuel, hydration considerations, etc.

This is followed by an opening up of the ‘virtual floor’ to your questions where you got to ask the experts on a live Q&A.

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15 thoughts on “Live Nutrition Q&A With Mina and Tom: High Energy Demands
  1. I was a vegan for 9 years, on my 4th year climbing I had to transition back to a non vegan diet… Trying to keep my energy intake as vegan caused a lot of digestive issues…. I also had a lot of hormonal problems causing me to lose my monthly cycle…I was climbing 3x week doing long sessions. I was only able to normalize my hormones and digestion problems once I left veganism eating a more balanced diet. And my climb performance improved quite significantly as well.

  2. Thanks folks – such a good session!

    Interesting little segment on timing of fuel around sessions. One approach that seems to be gaining popularity in strength and power circles is the intermittent fasting route. I wonder if that could be beneficial for climbers (especially those of us who need to trim down, but don't want to compromise performance too much)? Perhaps the key is then is still timing sessions to fit with eating?

  3. Strongman training , Brian Shaw, The Stoltmans , Eddie Hall etc really work hard on eat to train. Plus recovery. The powerlifting folk on cutting to lose weight Stefi Cohen etc have a very strange approach to food. Matt Fraser The Fittest Man has a "good" approach .

  4. Refreshing to see this spoken about. I eat about 4 medium sized meals a day with decent amount of water and snacks whilst working out roughly 6 days a week. I feel constantly hungry though and I wake up between 3-5am almost every night for the past 4 years due to being hungry. Still trying to figure it out but this definitely exposed me to some things I've never heard.

  5. Very interesting.
    Work lifting & shifting steel all day so can get tired and mentally slow & emotionally down by the afternoon, a good feed and I'm back up again but difficult in a dirty toxic workplace.

  6. Listen to your body! Consistency is key! Eat some nutrient-dense veg, but also eat some calorie-rich treats!
    As a 25 yo 7+ year vegan… definitely have had to up my energy intake with increased training.
    Food is fuel <3

  7. I loved the content! I've been trying to research for an informative YouTube vid similar to yours that breaks down the topics in this YouTube video. 👏 🧑‍⚕️Your video really is similar to the vids of Dr. Ethan. Ethan's videos are really informative and he actually helped me on my school.

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