Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Matt Maruca | Restoring Circadian Rhythm through The Light Diet

Restoring Circadian Rhythm through The Light Diet // Matt Maruca of RA Optics joins us today to share his wealth of knowledge and experience surrounding “light”; sunlight, blue light and all the wavelengths in between.

Most of us are familiar with the importance of blocking blue light, specifically in the evening, but as I learned in this conversation, it goes so much deeper than that. Matt shines light (pun intended) on ALL the ways that light impact us throughout the day and the incredibly simple steps that we can take to reset and support our circadian rhythms – the building block for our well-being.

Matt and I discuss…
→ The Light Diet protocol and ways to integrate each step
→ Tools for optimizing our circadian rhythm
→ How blue light exposure affects our body, especially at night
→ The impacts from overdosing on artificial lighting
→ RA Optics and what sets them apart from other blue light blockers

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