Monday, July 4, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

The Elephant in the Room, It’s Time to Talk About It

More researchers are speaking out, saying we need to address nutrition, lifestyle and exercise.

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49 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room, It’s Time to Talk About It
  1. 2:45 I don't think the shutdown was caused by fear of the virus as compared to pre-existing causes of death. The situation the US is in right now is predominantly poor prevention strategies early on. Covid-19 is a collaborative effort, the reasoning for which being independent of other illnesses. We just wanna defeat the virus to show that we can do it, and so as to not be beaten up by it in the future.

    Of course, there exist so many strategies to prevent suffering and death, the most obvious being exercise. But beyond the agendas and motives, they're still often pretty hard to pull off on a large scale. I think the only reason the argument for diet is meaningful is because it's actually one of the few, if not the only, thing that experts are wrong or tied about. We've been trying to get people to take vaccines, to be physically active, to be hygienic and social together, for many, many decades.

  2. Good message…poorly delivered.
    You point out you usually have this as a presentation on screen. This seems a bit jumpy and rushed.
    Your energy comes through but some points are not explained fully. E.g, you say there is a ethnic difference in disease yet o ly show one school menu from an unknown school with no comparison.
    If you get chance, can you make a work sheet of those points you made.
    I won gladly brandish these facts to help those not yet in the know.

  3. While I understand what your point is, the virus is contagious and cardiovascular health, or lack of it, is not. I'm in agreement with you but I feel like comparing to a very contagious respiratory virus is not exactly the same thing. I myself have tried to help friends change their diets but it feels impossible. What many folks lack is simply discipline.

    And you are so, so correct about what foods flew off the shelves during lockdown. I think Whole foods in my area is still struggling to keep pasta on the shelves. And, I keep seeing how bread making was the thing to do during lockdown…. yikes!

  4. Thank you, Mike. All you raised makes perfect sense. It IS scary that the 2020 death stats do not get brought up. We have to ask our political and medical representatives some questions.

  5. 《 Let your Food be your Medicine 》_Hippocrates of Cos. Circa two and a half thousand years ago. Ignorance is not an idea the US education system is obviously ineffective. On with the Zombie Apocalypse continues 🚫🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🚫

  6. That's why I'm packing my boys lunches now. Today they had wraps made with egg whites wraps. One had berries and the other had a kiewee and they each got a few cherry tomatoes. I'm going to increase the meat and cut out veg, very soon.

  7. It seems the majority are unhealthy. Unfortunately, it feels hard these days to have a healthy lifestyle… I also ponder the similar question as ‘why is this not being talked about?’ Also, the potential vit.d deficient issue with darker pigmented people isn’t mentioned much either.

  8. More of us need to "point to the elephant in the room." I've been saying it. It's relatively obvious to some of us—who aren't even physicians. The more we educate people, the quicker we can counter the sinister agenda that's being foisted on us. This is, unfortunately, being exploited for the purposes of power consolidation.

  9. As a licensed physical therapist what I constantly hear, over and over regarding food is that it's "QUALITY OF LIFE" – to not be able to eat crap, is interference with quality of life…. it does occur to people that your quality of life improves when you're actually healthy….? I continue to present best evidence as to why….

  10. BTW, in addition to some 660,000 deaths per year from heart disease, it's a similar number, around 600,000, deaths from cancer.
    Metabolic disease is the elephant in the room that no one in the establishment and mainstream talks about.

    Bob Harper, the exercise guru, is now promoting a "Super Carb" diet he "created" after suffering a heart attack.
    It's the same old thing – a quasi Ancel Keysian "prudent diet" aka quasi Mediterranean diet (no such thing actually, according to Nina Teicholz) with lots of "healthy carbs" (around 200g per day for 2000 calorie diet!) and lean meats. He claims the macronutrient breakdown is 40% protein, 30% fat, 30% carbohydrates. This may be a little more protein than the "prudent diet" of the past, but there's nothing new here. Just another carb promotion acceptable to the establishment and the mainstream. And he's such a nice guy. Who could doubt him?
    Follow the money.

  11. All very informative but on a small YT channel so it's basically just a rant that isn't going to do much good! Unfortunately it all comes down to money and over population. There is no money in meat and vegetables and there simply wouldn't be enough to go around if that's all everyone ate. Sad, but you really shouldn't dwell on the things you can not change.

  12. Sadly it is bad to fat shame but fat educate people.
    Yes be proud to be fat but realise you will die sooner and have poorer health.
    A doctor once said.'Seen any old ,fat people recently??'……She wasn't wrong!

  13. If these nutrition/keto/fasting channels want to have an AMAZING podcast invite THESE doctors to discuss animal products:
    Dr. Goldhamer, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Berg, Dr. Naiman, Dr. Fung, Dr. Mason,
    Dr. Saladino and Dr. Lustig. We have the eat only organ meats folks, we
    have the eat mostly animal products folks, and then we have the NO
    animal products folks.

  14. I’ve just learned about seed oils causing fatty liver and thence to metabolic disorder. (Dr Paul Mason) At the moment there seems to be two streams about insulin resistance- keto or seed oil toxins but no one talking about how they interact. Or I haven’t found it yet. Can you recommend?

  15. Thank you, Mike, for being another necessary "voice in the wilderness" addressing human misunderstandings of immunity's role in helping people fight this virus … and illness in general.

  16. I thrive on animal based diet of mainly red meat and eggs cooked in real butter. I have loads of energy, power, strength, endurance, and vitality, and never hungry. Going on 52 and never felt better.

  17. Unfortunately, people as a whole, are getting dumber. I used to think it was just me becoming old and cranky. I don't think so anymore. I truly believe people are getting dumber and have lost the ability to think critically on their own. It's much easier to not think, and just go along with what others tell you to think. Very bizarre in the least, epically stupid and sad at worst.

    Thanks Mike for trying to get the real numbers out there, as well as some common sense.

  18. Where the hell have you been? I've literally just found this channel, even though I'm subbed to lots of similar channels and people you have colabbed with. I think your algorithm is screwing you dude! Anyway, love the content, thanks so much for the well researched information! I'm now at the beginning of a content binge lol. Found this at the perfect time!

  19. Let me report, that if you tell somthing about nutrition, carbs, where they come from, what it takes to live a long an healthy live, you are just yet another conspiracy theorist to them. Nobody wants to hear that story. I have lost 65 kg over the last year (basically during lockdown(s)), even that evidence (about how I changed my nutrition) does not count, they look at you as if you talk an alien language. If you dare to add the comment on "better immune system, important because of a virus …" you are hard on the brink of that they call the police.

  20. You are the only reason I go out to YouTube. It would be great if you were also posting to Rumble, so I didn’t have to come out to this tyranny of bullshit application.

  21. The over fed, under nourished elephant in the room eh.
    Mike, you're approach is sooo refreshing. No nonsense approach to calling people out on their lazy/unmotivated bullshit.
    Keep up the good work.
    Regards from Ireland!🍀

  22. I remember when Jamie Oliver tried to change american school meals to the better, he was practically driven out of the country by the villagers with their pitchforks.

  23. "It's Big Daddy Government's job to take care me and anyone who says otherwise is either a Trump supporter, conspiracy theorist, mentally challenged or all of the above."

    This issue fundamentally boils down to people who surrender their responsibility to external authority (because of fear and cultural conditioning) and those who take on personal responsibility for their health and health education. Basically, "Protect me!!!" or "I protect myself." Which would you rather be?

  24. Mike! You are a blessing! Thank you! I have been trying to explain all this to my friends and family but everyone is so conditioned, poisoned and addicted to cheap foodlike products. It is devastating.

  25. Exactly more people have been tested for the virus than have had lab work done to see whether they've got prediabetes, hypertension or some part of early coronary disease. Call me a cynic but I think this is deliberate.

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