Monday, July 4, 2022
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The Ultimate 3 Step Morning Routine for Biohacking Fat Loss

In this video I’ll show you the best morning routine for biohacking fat loss and speeding up your metabolism.

There are three simple steps to this fat loss morning routine:

1. Drink Water
2. Take a fat burning Walk
3. Intermittent fasting/HIIT

There are some additional details and info that you’ll need in the video to speed up your fat loss, but essentially, it’s that simple.

Do these fat burning routines EVERY MORNING without fail, and your fat loss results will speed up.

This morning routine will change your life and your body, one day at a time.

Try it out and let me know your fat loss results in a few weeks.


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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate 3 Step Morning Routine for Biohacking Fat Loss
  1. I gained about 10lbs of fat while doing this 🙁 Not because of this (I've been doing this a long time) but diet and activity went down the drain this year. I need a different biohack.

  2. Hey Luke! Does it have to be in order? I get up at 4 am everyday drink a coffee, take a 2 to 5 min freezing cold shower and then go to work by 445 and I am walking around 10 to 15 miles a day at work. I stay fasted until 245 pm until I get home from work. Thoughts?

  3. Hey Luke, so I've been researching TRT for a few weeks now and there are some things I would love to ask that I cannot seem to find the answer too. Firstly, does TRT age you quicker in terms of skin quality and youthfulness or is it the opposite? I only ask because I know supra-andorgenic doses tend to do so but I was not sure if rising your levels to just a normal range had similar drawbacks. Also, how much does 150 mg convert to in ng/dl on an average day?

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