Monday, July 4, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Blue Light and Red Light – What Time of the Day to Get them? – Andy Mant

02:54 Effects of Light on Health
07:30 What Light Humans Evolved Under
11:11 Why Is Artificial Light Harmful
17:06 Sleep Hormones and Light
22:00 What Affects the Circadian Rhythms
28:35 Are Your Blue Blockers Working
33:35 Does Green Light Inhibit Melatonin
40:54 Flicker and Dimmed Lights
41:40 Benefits of Red Light
46:45 How Does Red Light Therapy Work
50:55 Red Light and Lipid Autophagy
52:00 The Hive Handheld Red Light
57:45 Optimal Light Circadian Rhythm

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6 thoughts on “Blue Light and Red Light – What Time of the Day to Get them? – Andy Mant
  1. Awesome conversation guys, lots of good info on the importance of light, circadian rhythm and sleep. I believe this is one of the most important things people glance over for their health, because it seems almost too simple. We can exercise all we want and eat the best diet ever, but if the sleep and circadian rhythm is off-track, we'll will suffer in some shape or form eventually.

    Just bought the Uvex Skyper glasses and it has really made a difference in my sleep latency and quality after a long period of rebound insomnia from quitting weed, and then rebound insomnia from quitting sleeping pills to fix my first insomnia (lol, please don't repeat this mistake if anyone is reading this, it was pure hell). Looking to buy an Oura ring soon to track the data and optimize the sleep eventually.

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