Monday, July 4, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

How to survive in the new Coronavirus world, with Ben Greenfield.

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Time Stamps
8:10 Start of the podcast.
9:25 How Ben is handling the Coronavirus outbreak/quarantine.
14:24 Sun, stress relief, nutrition importance.
15:20 Exercising too intensely/breathwork.
18:45 Different breathing techniques/breathing exercise example.
24:23 Nitric Oxide/blood brain barrier permeability.
26:40 Mammalian Dive Reflex.
33:00 Benefits of breathwork/blowing off CO2
35:25 The myth of adrenal fatigue
40:50 Overdosing fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A and Vitamin D) and increased susceptibility.
43:10 Peptides.
45:00 Thymus and Alpha1.
46:30 The origin of peptide
47:55 Are there peptides in animal organs?
52:10 The hunting and gathering practices of the Spokane Indians.
1:00:40 Why some people don’t lose fat.
1:05:25 Leptin insensitivity/how to restore leptin insensitivity.
1:08:10 Underlying inflammation and fat loss.
1:09:10 Fatty acid ratios.
1:11:55 Why Vegetable oils are problematic.
1:13:10 Monounsaturated vs. polyunsaturated fat.
1:15:00 The most radical thing Ben has done recently.
1:18:30 Where to find Ben’s work and book.

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32 thoughts on “How to survive in the new Coronavirus world, with Ben Greenfield.
  1. the last time I had my blood work while doing a keto diet my total cholesterol was 248, ldl 165 and my HDL 74 while my triglycerides were low at 43 . my doctor was co corner but should I be concerned? I've been carnivore for 30 days.

  2. If you followed sites like EatTheWeeds you would know that native people, such as the Aboriginals in Australia, get 64% of their energy from things that move, 36% from things that grow, basically two-thirds one third. Plants are a secondary source, a back up, an insurance policy. But they also proved some nutriments and some phytochemicals et cetera.

  3. Ben's ego and arrogance is very off putting. He will take you. Distance yourself from this pathetic faker. He puts too much "me" in every sentence and I am not frigging interested in him. There is way too much self-aggrandizing content in his comments like "I'm not lifting weights now in my totally modern well-equipped gym with dual sauna/steam room."

  4. The book is great, Paul. I really liked the cover art too. That photo of half of your face and half of the face of a carnivorous beast is beautiful.
    BTW, I know of a great farm here in SD that is selling grass fed lamb, cows, and goats. They are called Ranch2Fork. They are an offshoot of the Eden Farms gourmet fruit business in Temecula. They started keeping animals around to eat the underbrush and to thereby get a break on their fire insurance. The animals eat whatever they can get out in the orchards plus they get all the fruit that is not "pretty" enough for market. The meat is delicious.

  5. Ben please get a nice threadmill like doctor Gregor, then you can walk indoors in safety and not have to go outside in nasty nature. You might meet a wild animal, get sunburn or over stimulate your parahippocampal gyrus. Be safe like Dr Gregor and walk inside on a threadmill.


  6. Iโ€™ve bought two copies of it, one for me and one for my niece in Slovenia,. Iโ€™ll take it to her as soon as I can go there from here in Austria because the border is closed because of this corona virus pandemics hoax. I heard that itโ€™s being used to cover up a complete financial system collapse thatโ€™s quietly happening originated by the WHO.
    By the way, here in Europe/Austria we still cook kidney and liver, dish made from heart and lungs. A short time ago I had an extremely delicious soup made from pigs feet and knuckles in a simple restaurant in the surroundings of Graz. And you can buy brains, which I did and I prepared a dish with eggs, but it was really very fatty because there was a lot of brains in it. …and btw I like your book๐Ÿ‘

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