Monday, July 4, 2022
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Is Ginger A Problem If You Have Thyroid Disease?

I recently got a really great question about the use of ginger for cooking, and what relationship ginger shares with your thyroid overall. If you were ever curious or concerned about whether or not you should be cooking with ginger, this discussion is for you.

The question I got was as follows: Hi Dr. C, I love your recipes but see that they use ginger. Don’t we have to avoid ginger if we have thyroid problems?

I am super happy to dive into this question for you and to help make sense of it for you. Let’s discuss the facts, the sides of the argument, and what it means for you…. Read More:


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3 thoughts on “Is Ginger A Problem If You Have Thyroid Disease?
  1. I've an inborn immunodeficiency. Especially herepes viruses, such as EBV, my immune system tackles worse than a normally functioning one. I've once had a full-blown, doctor-diagnosed subactute thyroiditis and many times such that hasn't been diagnosed… I've just felt, ok here we go again.

    Basically, almost every time I get a cold, my thyroid gets swept along. And it takes weeks to months to settle down (without steroids; was on steroids the first time around). The inflammation shows also in my thyroid labs.

    I've been using ginger daily for a year now; powder, extract and root. I haven't noticed that ginger would trigger subacute thyroiditis.

  2. She took a teaspoon a day for 10 days before seeking treatment for an irritated throat.
    If ginger had a detoxing effect on her, might it give her "detox flu"?
    I took powdered organic ginger once (way less than a teaspoon) after having become accustomed to "plain old" ginger, and it was so much more potent that it did make my throat burn. That went away rather quickly, though….

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