Monday, July 4, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Water fasting tips – How to prevent the 40lb rebound post fast
  1. hey bro I been eating the same thing for 1 year now. Steel cut oats with banana, sugar, and cinnamon. for lunch white rice, beans, and a whole avocado. Thats it. should I implement more greens? I feel in mint condition and my cycling is going great.

  2. guys this guy is responsible for thousands of people gaining massive amounts of weight with his really bad advice. he hasn't gotten anyone into shape like not one person with his lies about being able to eat unlimmited carbs and not gain weight. anyone who knows him says he barely eats and starves himself. hes trying to sell u this lie because it seems special and something youv'e never heard but yea u cant eat unlimmited carbs guys. stop following this fool

  3. Can you do a vidio abut Loren Lockman ? Seriosly he is making shit tons of money from water fasting . And claiming that we need to get "Clean" and then we only need papayas and mangos and some lettuce . I dont get the best feeling about this Guy .

  4. Just wanted to say thanks Harley for all the videos over the years! You're my inspiration and motivation to keep peddling. I'm also a Giant fanboy, sure there might be better bikes out but I prefer Giant. Every time I see one I think of your TCR.

  5. The ebooks are game changers. Super easy entertaining reads with great tips and advice that is long term, life long. Go get em. Some of the best $ you’ll ever spend!

  6. "Water fast"…. deliberately and severely dehydrating your body to the point of organ failure and increasing the risk of dementia… literally causing permanent, irreparable brain damage… Yeah, NO!

    Be Properly Hydrated At All Times

  7. That famous guru Sadh-ghuru said it’s bad to sip water a lot though out the day, he said it makes your brain swell because your body thinks it’s a type of sickness to do so? He said if you don’t drink water nothing will happen. What are your thoughts? Thanks

    edit: he also says he only ever drinks almond milk. Hadn’t drunken water for 2 years

  8. I thought you were crazy for years. Vegan for 5 years. I had MASSIVE brain fog , felt fatigue , shitty mood , actually had low thyroid (did blood tests). From the 1st week of SMASHING in the carbs (HCLF) EVERYTHING improved. IMMENSE mental clarity and motivation , libido through the roof , energy and very good stable mood. You are doing everyone a great service , especially the vegan community. Thank you so much. Everyone reading this , give HCLF vegan a sincere try , you won't be disappointed.

  9. In aldi UK its so cheap a box of 115 bananas is equivalent to $23 australian dollars, and a kilo of sugar is $1 dollar, there's definitely no way people can say that eating healthy is too expensive, people are too lazy to prepare and cook fresh foods, they would rather stick a frozen pizza in the oven.. 😔

  10. Old saying……”The journey on the road is better than the stay at the Inn.”

    Folks need to stop worrying about getting there and just get on tne right path!!!

    You will enjoy the journey once you’re on the right path and you are seeing progress!

    Love you, Harley!

  11. Harley, just had to break it off with a woman who is absolutely destroying her metabolism.

    She takes fat burners loaded with stims the minute she wakes up, eats virtually nothing all day, drinks a greens powder drink with collagen, gets no sunshine all day, sits in front of a computer, then does hours of steady state cardio at the gym.

    She drinks coffee all day and is surrounded by family dysfunction and drama from her kids.

    She is getting fatter by the day and wakes up in the middle of the night with panic attacks.

    As you said in a recent video, she has such negative energy and I just don’t want to be around that.

    Thanks for being a giver, mate!

  12. I’m Australian (From Perth) but moved to the uk and yeh I miss the warmth of Australia so much 😔 just wanted to say your videos have been so motivating . I got sucked into the keto crap and weight watchers and just feel so crappy but started having sugar again and I love it. Thanks 👌🏼

  13. 90% of water fasters gain all the weight back…water fasting a prolonged time is difficult, more difficult is your self control when breaking the fast and maintaining the weight loss

  14. Geeked out today…. Saw Ritchie Porte here in Launceston…. Bowed down to him and then a thumbs up in appreciation of his representation to Tassie and Australia…
    Went and brought a new pair of winter gloves to celebrate my luck…
    Hey.. it is what it is 🤷‍♂️

  15. i agree with you harley, i live in sweden and its snowing but this morning the sun was shining through window and warming and i was so happy hahah not that i am unhappy otherwise, but it just felt sooo good it reminded me of summer

  16. Fasting is good from a spiritual perspective, but I agree body massively stores fat after fasting. You get crazy cravings few days after finishing and end up heavier than before if you eat lots of fat in this window

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