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Cold Thermogenesis

பூண்டு அதிகமா சாப்பிட்டா இந்த பிரச்னையெல்லாம் வரும் | Garlic Side Effects |Tamil Health Tips |Poondu

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Namma FullmoonTV Explorer channel -ளில் நிறைய மருத்துவ பதிவுகள், வீட்டு மருத்துவங்கள், நாட்டு வைத்தியங்கள் , போன்ற பயன் தரக்கூடிய நல்ல தகவல்கள் வந்து கொண்டிருக்கிறது. எனவே உங்களுக்கு FULLMOONTV EXPLORER channel ளின் updates உடனுக்குடன் வந்து சேர channel -ஐ subscribe பண்ணுங்க.. நன்றி. -பப்பாளி விதைகளை மெல்லுவதன் இந்த நன்மைகள் உங்களை ஆச்சரியப்படுத்தும் | Benefits of papaya seeds -உடலில் ரத்தத்தை அதிகப்படுத்துவது எப்படி?| How to Increase Blood in Tamil | Hemoglobin Increase

ஹீமோகுளோபின் அதிகரிக்க 10 உணவுகள் how to increase blood level naturally increase hemoglobin fast
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Improves Brain Functioning
Garlic promotes brain health because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Also, read more on best brain foods to include in your diet.

Improves Digestion
Digestive problems improve with the inclusion of raw garlic in the diet. It benefits the intestines and reduces inflammation. Eating raw garlic helps to clear out intestinal worms. The good thing is that it destroys the bad bacteria and protects the good bacteria in the gut.

Balances Blood Sugar
Those who suffer from diabetes observe their blood sugar levels regulating on the consumption of raw garlic. Also, read 10 harmful effects of sugar

Boosts Immunity
Garlic protects against free radicals and prevents damage to the DNA. Zinc in garlic promotes immunity. Vitamin C helps to fight off infections. It is very beneficial against eye and ear infections as it has antimicrobial properties.

Improves Skin Health
Garlic helps prevent acne and lightens acne scars. Cold sores, psoriasis, rashes, and blisters can all benefit from the application of garlic juice. It also protects against UV rays and therefore prevents ageing.

Prevents Cancer and Peptic Ulcer
Because of a high amount of antioxidants, garlic protects the body against lung, prostate, bladder, stomach, liver and colon cancer. The antibacterial action of garlic prevents peptic ulcers as it eliminates the contagion from the gut.

Good for Weight Loss
Garlic reduces the expression of genes responsible for the formation of adipose cells which store fat. It also increases thermogenesis in the body and leads to burning of more fat and lowering of LDL (bad cholesterol).

Fights UTI and Improves Renal Health
Fresh garlic juice has the potential to reduce the growth of E. Coli bacteria that cause urinary tract infection (UTI). It also helps prevent kidney infections.

Garlic reduces infections on wounds, promotes hair growth, bone health and liver health. Most of the home remedies are effective only if garlic is consumed raw.

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Garlic on Empty Stomach
Helps Weight Loss. Eating a couple of pods of garlic on an empty stomach for weight loss is extremely beneficial. …
Helps Control Blood Sugar. …
Combats Depression. …
Prevents Cancer. …
Fights Infections. …
Reduces Hypertension. …
Purifies the Blood. …
Helps Digestion.


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