Monday, July 4, 2022
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Q&A with Dr. Janine : Your Health Questions Answered | Dr. Janine

Q&A with Dr. Janine : Your Health Questions Answered

In this episode of the Dr. Janine show Dr. Janine answers your health questions live. Everything from pregnenolone steal and what it is to how leptin resistance has an effect on your cortisol. She answers questions she is frequently asked about supplements, weight loss and natural health.

Links to supplements mentioned in this episode:
Vitatree Magnesium:
Vitatree Thyroid Support:
Vitatree Women’s Formula:
Vitatree Men’s Formula:
Vitatree Vitamin D3 Capsules:
Vitatree Vitamin D3 Chewable:
Vitatree Zinc Plus Quercetin:
Vitatree VitaFish Oil:

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The Science of Leaky Gut : Everything You Need To Know About Leaky Gut:

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