Monday, July 4, 2022
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Slave Food Conversation: Diaspora of Disease

This week the doctors are joined by International Lifestyle specialist Dr. Chidi Ngwaba. Dr Chidi MD is UKs Premier Lifestyle Doctor who uniquely has 4 degrees in science and medicine. Trained in Surgery, General Practice & Lifestyle Medicine at Cambridge, UCL & Johns HopkinsU SA. They will discuss the westernization of disease and how this has impacted individuals of African descent across the world.


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5 thoughts on “Slave Food Conversation: Diaspora of Disease
  1. Thank you for hosting this conversation. It is really important for people of colour to improve what and how they eat. Also, the foods from Africa are the ones on which people of colour thrive the most, in my opinion. Eating what or ancestors ate and how they ate – from the land is so important to overall health and wellness. Food choices matter. Unfortunately some of the cheapest foods are some of the most processed. Changing our mindsets about what we eat is crucial to the overall health and wellness to black people everywhere.

  2. The sad thing is a lot of fruit and vegetables are laced with chemicals to meet the demand for the food chain. It’s best to plant your own foods so you know what your eating. That’s exactly what I am currently doing. Washing your vegetables throughly is a must.
    Try to buy organic vegetables and fruit.
    Try to support local farmers that don’t use chemicals.

  3. Hi Dr Eric Walsh,
    If you follow a plant based diet then why are you still overweight?
    Do you have a medical problem that makes you big?

    Forgive me if you think I may be rude but just asking
    Are you still eating sweets, cakes and maybe taking alcohol?

    Very good informative video, thank you

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