Thursday, August 11, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

How to Boost The Immune System Leland Stillman MD

How to Boost The Immune System Leland Stillman MD

Dr. Stillman and I discuss how the environment you live in drives and guides the immune systems and things that you can do to improve your immune system naturally.
This Show is not medical advice it is for information purposes only.


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4 thoughts on “How to Boost The Immune System Leland Stillman MD
  1. I covered my body with clothing and sunscreen or just didn't go outside for 35 years, completely bc of dermatologist advice after a squamous skin cancer was removed from my freckly, fair skin. Once I found the work of Dr. Jack Kruse and Dr. Leland Stillman, I completely reversed my light habits (I sunbathe year round, daily if possible), and I am much healthier as a result. I just don't get sick like I used to…no colds, etc. Just hoping that 35 yrs of ignoring the sun didn't do longterm damage!! Keep it coming…love the accessibility of info! P.S. Just had a derm appt, no skin cancers, and was warned to wear sunscreen daily. NOT!

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