Friday, August 19, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

The EXTRA Benefit Traders Get From A Cold Shower! 🥶

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The EXTRA Benefit Traders Get From A Cold Shower! Should you start taking cold showers everyday? Does a cold shower equal better trading? Sometime ago I did a video about a ‘cold shower challenge’ to help your discipline process.

– Discipline to stick to a routine
– Short term pain in exchange for long term gain.
– Ability to calm down under stress.

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25 thoughts on “The EXTRA Benefit Traders Get From A Cold Shower! 🥶
  1. The fact that you are talking about this, means that you are one of the best trading teachers on youtube!
    I've been taking cold showers for past few months, and I've notice great benefits, and not just regarding to trading. I recommend it to everyone. After a while, cold showers get very addictive!

  2. I’ve only had cold showers since 2018 now. Yes it can be a bit chilly especially in winter, but I feel so good after them that I continue. Now in summer although on full cold (in UK) the showers feel a bit too ‘warm’. Personally I really recommend them.

  3. So trippy you posted this yesterday.. I was going to post up on my twitter (twitter dot com/ actiontraderseb ) – "I wish Ice cold showers were prescribed to people with depression instead of medication as a first choice." actually i'm going to post something about it any ways…

  4. 🧡💛💚💙 I've had a Cold shower every day this year. It has been tough… learnt it from Wim Hof. My immune system has been super strong, and I have even stronger mental fortitude. I can deal with stress easier too. Its almost made me super human.

  5. I only see thumbs up so far on this video so my ass is jumping in a cold shower here in a bit! I'm already a cold piece, so I may as well top it off with a cold shower.

  6. Is it cheating to have a 1 minute cold shower, and after switching it to warm and have a normal shower to warm up again? I can just imagine sitting at the computer miserable and cold trying to warm up lol.
    Thanks for the great videos btw

  7. You look like you just got out of a cold shower haha.
    Tried cold showers a while ago but stopped them as I am going thru some health problems once it’s resolved I am definitely getting back on the morning cold shower habit.

  8. Been doing this for some years now, I think I started after watching some Wim Hof material (also known as the Ice man who is renowned for advocating exposure to cold. He famously walked halfway up Everest wearing only shorts.) It has long been part of my daily routine and is always more challenging in mid winter when the water is far colder and is always quite shocking to experience . In terms of benefits: yes, it's a good as part of a disciplined approach along with other stuff like getting up early and making your bed etc. I like the fact that it always wakes you up fast , your state changes in an instant, you feel energised and fresh and your metabolism is booted up like nothing else. There is some evidence that the immune system benefits but I've found nothing definitive on this from real research. Paul Newman the actor was an advocate of putting his face in an ice bucket everyday and said it did wonders for keeping his skin clean and tight. I think this has some foundation. Does it help my trading? probably yes as part of self investment and an overall disciplined , thoughtful approach to life along with other things like exercise and intermittent fasting.

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