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Cold Thermogenesis

12 Surprising Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower In The Morning May You Didn't Know Of!

12 Surprising Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower In The Morning May You Didn’t Know Of!
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Its been around for thousands of years and its an ancient remedy. Cold showers have been proven to have an amazing effect on your well being and health. Something as simple as changing the temperature can have a drastic improvement on your life. The benefits of a cold shower are endless.
Cold showers may be an excellent part of your depression treatment.
There are several benefits of cold showers. One of the biggest benefits related to depression is the feeling of re-invigoration. An external stimulus is sometimes needed to bring someone out of a severe depression. This is why electroconvulsive therapy has been used in cases of severe depression.
Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of taking a cold shower.
Why take cold showers?
It all has to do with something called cryotherapy or cold therapy. This concept is based on hormesis. With hormesis, what you’re doing is adding a moderate amount of stress to create a beneficial effect.

By taking a 20 minute cold shower, you can increase norepinephrine by 200-300%. When you increase this nerve transmitter, you can:
• Drop inflammation
• Increase your antioxidant network (including glutathione)
• Increase your mitochondria
• Increase your T-cells
How to take cold showers to get these shower benefits:
Start out with maybe 30 seconds or a minute, and gradually increase the time you’re in the cold shower over time.
Some theories suggest that taking an ice-cold shower daily can help extend your life.

A cold shower has many benefits, one of them being the fact that you get to have a faster metabolism.
You get to wake up a lot faster. You lower the body temperature, which means that you need to burn more calories this way.
Not all of us have a powerful immune system.
That’s why the best thing we can do most of the time is to opt for a cold shower.
This will help boost the immune system power and raise it to new levels.
It’s actually a system that makes a lot of sense and one that you do want to check out the best way that you can.
These cold showers are great because they boost the heart rate and the muscles are contracted this way as well.
Since you get to have a better circulation, you get to stay healthy and your body will find it easier to fend attackers when that’s necessary.

Cold thermogenesis is a process in the body where your physiology benefits from being exposed to cold temperatures. This cold temperature is induced though in most cases through cold baths benefits or through the benefits of cold showers. This process has become wildly popular as of lately simply because many people have noticed great benefits and due to the emerging research that is validating this process. I started using it back in my days of playing college hockey as a way to recover quickly and now ad cold baths into my routine in order to improve my overall health.
The benefits of cold showers in the morning starts with brain activation. It really helps one boost their brain function, mood and prepare for the day. Next it boosts good hormones in the body that promote endurance and vitality. This is why many people find that it work best for them when taken in the morning but I will say this is an abrupt way to start your day.

One of the lesser known facts about cold showers is they can aid weight loss. This is because the human body contains two types of fat tissue, white and brown fat. White fat accumulates when we consume more calories than our body needs to function. Brown fat is considered a healthy fat, which is used to generate heat to keep our bodies warm and is activated when our bodies are exposed to extreme kold.
The rush of cold water alerts your brain, accelerates your heart rate, increases your oxygen intake, and boosts your energy.
Let’s have a look at the advantages of cold showers:
Firstly, as we are warm-blooded, the sudden sensation of cold water awakens our body, thus making us feel fresh and alert. Secondly, many scientists believe that when our body suddenly comes in contact with kold water, it sends a jolt of electrical impulses to our brain, helping boost our mood in the process. Lastly, Ice showers may contribute to weight loss as our body might burn more fat to generate heat.


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