Thursday, August 11, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Confessions of an ENTP | Dealing with Judgments | ESFJ ISFJ ENFJ INFJ | CS Joseph

CS Joseph discusses the ENTP experience of dealing with judgements and being supported at the hands of XXFJ (ESFJ ISFJ ENFJ INFJ) types in this confessions of an ENTP.

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50 thoughts on “Confessions of an ENTP | Dealing with Judgments | ESFJ ISFJ ENFJ INFJ | CS Joseph
  1. I got the chair pulled out from under me by an INTP too! It was my fault though, he was so eager to help me with his ESFJ subconscious, but I stupidly believed I could handle it all on my own and thus pushing his help away. It’s so hard to accept help from a fellow Fe user. He was definitely like – if I’m gonna do the time, I’ might as well do the crime.

    He was right in the end and I really struggled learning things the hard way. INTPs walk in ‘I told you so’ land. In the end I sincerely thanked him for his help. He was touched, and said ‘you’re welcome’. I hope that patched things up.

    But yeah INTPs have no problem having others taste their bitter medicine. Goes along with their vice of apathy.

  2. I don't understand why the virgin birth being used in occultic/ancient paganistic beliefs completely discredits it as true. Why could it not have been bastardized just as the rest of the Mazzaroth has been?

  3. Dude — please reconsider evidence for the Virgin birth. God have this truth to all mankind it is written in the stars. Have you not embraced the gospel in the stars? The Mezzoroth? All heavens declare the glory of the risen lord! Open you mind again to metaphysical and physical protoevangelism. 🙏🏻💟✝️

  4. I wonder how do you know homosexuality is not a sin and fornication .i would like to read about it. Cause in the I Corinthians 6:9 says otherwise

  5. Year 1 dawning of the age of aquarius.
    Harmony and understanding
    Sympathy and trust abounding
    No more falsehoods or derisions
    Golden living dreams of visions
    Mystic crystal revelation
    And the mind's true liberation
    You are an agent of Aquarius, CSJ. "It will change everything" is evidence of that. You have a burning desire to help people in pain, tackling the fatherlessness problem being your stated goal.

  6. I haven't watched your criticisms on the red pill video yet but I'll give it a go on the fly since you've briefly touched on the topic in this video. I've just read the first 3 Rational male books and I have my thoughts on it. I disagree with the generalizations in it like all women being indirect and informative. This jungian science proves Rollo Tomassi wrong. Also, I believe the discrepancies you find in men's and women's brains are differences in type, mainly the differences between Si-Ne and Se-Ni users. Rollo has this view that all men are Se-Ni users, mostly SPs and all women are SJs. That's hella wrong. Rollo is an INTJ and INTJs are veeeery prone to generalizations. That means that not all women are inherently informative and that you shouldn't treat all women the same in the example of "judge women by their actions, not their words". That's a type thing, with Si users being mainly women and men being mainly Se users so this stereotype works most of the time. Also I would like to point out that the term "informative" is not a good term. Informative people ain't informing shit. Being informative should be renamed into being indirect. Because you aren't conveying more informations if you say five sentences describing the same thing a direct person would describe in one. Being indirect is only good as a tool for deception. That's the only thing. Weaseling your way out of situations or doing doublespeak. Also, both women and men do that. When you are trying to convey the information the best way possbile, being informative is a handicap.
    So to sum it up, those differences in men and women being direct or indirect is not a result of biology in a sense if you have a vagina or a penis but biology in a sense if you're an Se or an Si user. There is a nurtural slant to women being more informative, but that's not biology, that is a learned thing.

  7. This lecture is kinda refreshing, since as an Fi child, I've always been accused of being super judgemental, especially by Ti-Fe users who tunnel-visioned on their shit and wouldn't listen to a word I said because they thought they got it right. It's disheartening most of the times.

  8. I haven't been around for a while, got a lot to catch up 😀
    I've kinda forseen your injuries as soon as you started talking on how sore you are and how much you lift. I've not commented on your fitness endeavors but I knew you were seriously struggling ever since you mentioned Kinobody. That guy is a hack.
    I've been into working out and nutrition for over 15 years now. If I've learned one thing it's that losing fat is not about exercising, not at all. It helps but isn't necessary, people have the wrong idea that they need to hit the gym in order to lose weight, wrong, you have to get your nutrition in order. And the other misconception is that you have to work out like a madman in order to build muscle. Wrong again. What you need to do is slowly build up strength, be very meticulous about it, get enough sleep and fix your nutrition. If you didn't get a good night's sleep, don't even bother lifting. Due to social media, people's perceptions are skewed and they haven't got realistic expectations on losing weight and building muscle. They think they can be buff in a year or two just because hollywood actors can.
    EDIT: oh, I forgot the main thing i wanted to say regarding fitness advice, lol. One of the best information on fitness you can get is from this ISTP guy "scooby1961" on youtube. Simply search for a topic you're interested in like "six pack abs scooby1961" and you'll get probably the best information on the internet since most of fitness is a sham and a way to make money on gullible people. Also, I would advise anyone trying to build up muscles to look up "natty muscle gain expectations scooby1961". STPs are probably the best "no bullshit" source on anything Se or real world related. When you see a philospher giving you fitness advice, you can safely turn that shit off. The only thing scooby is not great in regarding fitness is the nutrition part. He's good enough, but not the best. But, from what I've seen, you're handling the nutrition part already. Lemme give you a hint though, get your protein from animals. All that vegetarian and vegan bullshit is a beast of its own. And no, being vegan doesn't work for anyone, nevermind their body type. No one thrives as a vegan, that's also a bullshit propaganda and a way to make money on naive people who genuinely had good intentions.

  9. "Technically, ENFPs are more open-minded than ENTPs … ENFPs are probably the most open-minded of all the types."

    Why thanks Chase. It's so nice to get a compliment without feeling Si-inferior insulted at the same time. Maybe you're not such a grinch/troll after all. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

  10. Firstly Chase let me as a good Christian man congratulate you on attempting to free the “ultimate good“ by allowing XXFJs to stand against corrupt philosophers and hold them accountable by loving themselves first. Secondly Chase as the DAO and the collective unconscious of my being commands me; I run the icy sword of truth through your guts and your being when you preach the comforting lie of “live your life however you want to” at 2:20:15 while refusing to look at the camera and continue to say homosexuality and polyamory are allowable under the New Covenant. As a Ti hero: f**k off when I say, “While polygamy may be allowable under the New Covenant; homosexuality and polyamory contribute to Malthusian and fatherlessness agendas.” As a suggestion I would recommend you look directly into the camera while propagating comforting lies rather than unpleasant truths.

  11. Many times I learn more by not being received. This is because of a number of reasons. Such as I may have an ignorance I’m not aware of or there is something more important that I learn. Also I learn and grow this way. Often unpleasant at times 😂 but it involves growing.
    It involves finding out how to better understand one another. I take it upon myself and I’m pretty sure this is how other INFJs regard the process. Unfortunately we’re hard on ourselves because obviously if we feel misunderstood we generally regard it as our own fault.

  12. One of the reasons INFJs don’t push through is actually because of pragmatism. It’s not getting through, it’s not making a connection then withdraw but personally it isn’t over.. it means I have to go about it another way or learn more. See it is still “whatever works” : if it’s not working it’s retracted because why bother if it is something not received. It is taking up space. Generally it’s future focused.
    It actually is a pragmatic approach 😊.

  13. These confessions of an ENTP aka Your stories for a some reason are very interesting to hear them and I could gain some wisdom from them.. they are enlightening and eye opening for me for new fresh ideas

  14. Ti parents are the most accurate of all of ti users well, I agree with that but if they "THINK" that they are accurate all the time, so they will become the most close minded technically and the hardest to convince them that I am right about smth even if they are wrong because the fact that they think they are the master of thinking process, it could lead to insane amount of ignorance and arrogance if they are not careful..
    Simply, High advantage to Ti parents that they could master the thinking but it could lead to high disadvantage and backfire EXTPs, if you think about that

  15. a healthy Te critic would be to listening to anyone but believing only a few, or the ones that proof they are right? thats something i learned by growing up with 9 siblings (4 older / 5 younger). so much lying and deceiving in my childhood.

    i wish you happy new year!

  16. 11:30 INTJ in the military here, at least I’m somewhat sure that’s my type. Yeah, it’s been a struggle. The job security and benefits are nice (especially during COVID), but signing a blank check to the U.S. government, abiding arbitrary rules, not having the freedom to just put in my two weeks when I’m getting shafted because “you raised your right hand and signed the dotted line.” among other things, those really grind my gears.

  17. I can't really relate to not listening to others. My family amd friends usually tell me that I listen and then decipher if I should or how I should apply it in life. Maybe my subconscious is developed enough that my istp subconscious will listen. 🤔

  18. The best indicator of what is sexually moral is a strong undefiled Fi. But nature prevents many personality types from having a strong Fi. And nurture often defiles Fi through the absorption of false teachings and traumatic experiences. Unfortunate, but understandable. And such people that fall in this category need more love than judgements.

  19. @CSJ
    I think, personally, the biggest problem I've had with finding the truth(and possibly others in religion) is knowing when to verify something and how to find a true source that will give me the truth. Everyone is taught that it's the truth so then there should logically be no reason to question it. That isn't the case obviously and I wish it was as easy as searching for the truth, but how am I supposed to know that the people telling me the truth about whatever are actually telling me the truth. On a second note, I do think there is an absolute good and truth, however I've yet to see anything other than math and the ten commandments (personally) that actually stand to be considered absolutely true or good. Could it be that this is a result of there being too many flaws with human perception and the four stages of thinking (ex. Input and feedback) that fog the truth from being seen even if it's in front of us? Lastly, I hope you can go a month without being hurt or sick, sorry I'm assuming there, and will have great health in the future.

  20. You need to bring up your Fi and value yourself. Looking for validation from your parents will never happen. External validation—-> internal validation. At some point you'll accept people in a neutral way and be at peace. Change your reactions rather than changing others.

  21. You have a huge bias-ignorance problem regarding cognition with people your parents age or older. You will find that your cognition peaks at age 60, maybe older. I’m 57. You perceive mental digression in your elders, but it’s not real; you are increasing at a faster rate. Like a thoroughbred race. You would be wise to not disregard the wisdom of those that know more than you via time in the furnace.

  22. You call the gamma quadra the shallowest people who have ever lived for thinking that people(alfa quadra) will just abandon them if their beuaty doesnt last forever, but look at what you're saying

  23. Si recollection of memories must be kinda like going inside of your head to an infinite set of linked and related corridors, just wandering from one to the next and back while you look at the paintings on the walls, while Se recollection is like travelling in time to the place the memory was created, and freezing time so you can view it from all angles.

  24. So, we'll let the ones that are comfortable with polyamory, be comfortable with it (though I personally don't get it) and let the ones that are comfortable with casual sex, be comfortable with it. In the end everybody we'll prefer to mature in to a committed loving relationship. It provides the emotional stability and social responsibility everybady instinctually needs.

  25. You can make a very good argument that God himself is "polyamorous". Just look at the relationship between Christ and the Church; one head (Christ) and the body made of many parts (Church/humanity).

    Seems pretty poly, imo

  26. Omw I'd never be ok with my bf getting another gf no matter how "well taken care of" I am, and if we were married and he did that I'd divorce him and I'm Muslim. Plus who cares if other women like him, that doesn't make him more attractive to me…I like him 0:)

  27. Hi Chase, thanks for getting me out of the hellhole I had myself in. Your premium content was the good kick up the arse I needed! I was once a nightmare for an INFP, and I believed she was 100% to blame. I was so blind and egotistical. I was a monster. I’m now far more open and get along with pretty much everyone! I’m able to get close to people who are so different from me, even NFPs are telling me they feel understood! I’m becoming the person I always wanted to be, I’m forming my own identity and no longer caught in the “what I should do” trap, and I verify pretty much everything! I’ve realised no one gives a shit and so I don’t waste energy trying to do for others who wouldn’t do the same for me. Right now it seems I need to flip my entire life around to get where I want to be. Breaking the habit is excruciating, but thankfully I have a special ENFP in my life who really knows how shut down my doubts and excuses for not changing. Would love to see more content on my type soon, but I understand you’re busy and have your own life.

    Anyways, thank you so much CSJ!
    -An ISFJ.

  28. Credibility exists in the moment if truth is being conveyed. One therefore, is credible if they speak mostly truth. It’s always been the responsibility of the listener to verify truth.

  29. yeah you gotta love yourself first, people forget that if you hate yourself and then apply "love your neighbor as yourself" principle, it means that you hate your neighbor as well :p

  30. So my sister (an esfj) asks permissions for the most stupidest and most trivial stuff ever. And I constantly tell her to just do it, it's nothing wrong and you can deal with anyone's wrath later lol. Can't help but notice infjs are probably least likely (of all the affiliatives) to want permission.Or is it more twisted than that?

  31. For a long time, I have seen the modern bible as the original word of God PLUS some added bullshit and mmisinterpretations that people have added along the way. I also saw the catholic church as one of the farthest from God's original word, despite being one of the first modern churches. I hope to one day understand the original translation of the bible and see how different it is.

    …Glad to see someone has a similar point of view…

    Edit: Also like your view on abortion man…

    Edit 2: Ni hero here, and on the topic of free will… although I'd like to think I have free will and can do whatever I please, I can easily see how, every single particle in my brain WILL react a certain way based on the circumstance they are in.

    For example, if every single particle in your brain is in the position in which it is now (which they are) then the effect of the particles of the screen you are staring at, the air ur breathing, etc. will cause the particles in your brain to react in exactly the way you are acting right now, a few seconds later. Your WILL to react that way itself would just be a product of the physical environment within your brain… you would only WANT to do things because of the collective position of the particles within your mind. Even if we factor in the random reactions that happen on a quantum level, they still seem to follow some general pattern, so it's not clear that they would make much difference when it comes to your free will.

    I still have hope that we may have free will tho, although, that in itself may just be as a result of the fated position of the matter that makes us MY brain, but I also CAN see, why it's so convincing to believe we dont.

  32. Isfj and infj might believe easily maybe because they are more able to hold ideas. For me personally(infj) like "what if the world is actually this rather then that". It may or maybe not be true but we can atleast try. And maybe that's where the new ideas can born and come to implementation.
    Also INFJs being a bit spiritually inclined, they want to see it for themselves which can be ti. Definately being sceptical about evryone might put us in the deep whole.
    Atleast for me personally, we can't take science as objectively right as you might be aware of newer discoveries like relative theory and such. Also at the end of the day these theory works for our generation, maybe in future we renewal it as things are always changing. We can't decide what ultimately will be true.
    I love your content, it's so refreshing to see someone actually explaining all.

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