Thursday, August 11, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis

Episode 162: Lifestyle Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally, Part 4

We’re wrapping up with the final, fourth part of this series by focusing on stress, sex, and biohacks for increasing testosterone.


Reducing stress is crucial, as too much of it or worrying will depress the immune system and reduce testosterone production. In fact, when Dr. Ron Sinha was on the show, he said that FOMO actually has metabolic consequences! Try to get away from depressive and anxiety-inducing thoughts simply by calling them out – Dr. Ron even suggests saying out loud, “There I go ruminating again!” to yourself, just to make sure you can catch the moment you start to spiral into a loop of thinking and worrying about past or future events. Show guest John Gray, author of Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, says that males should try their best not to get out of their calm, cool, and collected default mindset. A female’s “deepest biological drive” is to feel safe and protected by her male partner. The dominant male biological drive is, unsurprisingly, to be that hero and keep their partner safe and protected. But, as John notes, while our culture and society has changed greatly since our early days as humans, our biology has not changed. So now, females need to be primarily protected from their partner’s anger, not other, external sources of environmental danger. And how do you protect females from your own anger? How do you avoid those terrible fights that seem to spring out of the smallest issue and stop your relationship from becoming a war zone?


Cold thermogenesis: Invest in a chest freezer or start by taking some cold showers. Make sure to keep your testes cool; wearing loose clothing helps. Dr. Oz says just sleep naked! Red light therapy: There’s tons of science (as well as years of use in beauty salons) that back up just how amazing red light therapy is for regenerating skin. It also increases cellular activity in the testicles. Be sure to get a 650nm red laser light, and that it doesn’t get the testes hot! You only need to do this for 10-20 minutes. Sun exposure: Recent research has found that Vitamin D increases androgen receptor activities in men (see my previous episode explaining this concept here), and male reproductive tissue also has Vitamin D receptors, so make sure to go outside to get some sun, even if it’s for 10 minutes!


Plastics: BK had blood residues, perhaps from cheap bottles heated in the car? Don’t underestimateEMF: He does ethernet in office, unplugs router acoustameter to measure chronic cardio – destroy your T among other things. Multisport, ultras, crossfit, spartan/obstacle, concurrent strength+endurance —most of that flies in the face of building testosterone” – “I competed in Iron Mans for ten years, and that was the lowest that my testosterone ever was. I saw a steep rise in my own blood testosterone values after I quit racing Iron Man. BK was 200-300 in my 20s! now, 600-900Stillness – balls get warm, insulin resistant. Get up and walk around eating too often: Do your re-feeds but don’t snack. HGH and T spike after refeeds. Wait for 1-2 hours after a workout to boost adaptive hormones, but eventually eat.


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