Friday, August 19, 2022
Cold Thermogenesis


Cold showers are hard enough let alone first thing in the morning, every single morning, for the rest of your life. In today’s video I discuss my 2 year journey into being a #coldshowerlifeman including the life-changing perspectives, phys & psych adaptations, step-by-step process and the crucial mantra that kept me steady in the beginning.

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  1. I can't fully describe what the process of daily cold showers has done for me over the past 2 years, but I did my best in this video.
    If any of you are going to take the challenge of #coldshowerlifeman issued at the end of this video, let me know in the comments below.
    Drop a thumbs up on this vid if you enjoyed it + Share it with someone who could benefit!
    Thank you my friends,
    Much Peace and Much Joy.
    P.s Stay up to date with me on the gram

  2. Hey Adam, I came back seriously to it this morning after a lukewarm yesterday. I stayed > 30 seconds in that scary moment before turning the handle. I felt the void, the doubt and the weakness plus it was the first time I let the shower head above me. Feels good after ~4minutes in. This is so key for discipline. I haven't been on your channel for a long time. I'm back-

  3. Excellent video professor!! I started cold showers about a month ago. Right now I start hot, then super cold, then back to hot…recently I’ve been able to finish cold but I’m still starting hot! Will definitely try your technique! Thanks so much 🙏🏾

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